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Thank you everyone for commenting about how the new page looks!! If style change is the only difference then I'm relieved. Whew!
When I say "Thursday", I truly mean "I'll have the page posted by 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time aka it is already well into Friday for most of the world". Whoops. I post the pages so late that the Smackjeeves profile for this comic says it updates on Wednesdays and Fridays... Maybe Mr. Jeeves has a point.

Will I finally create a buffer this weekend? Well... no I actually have to go to a party this Saturday. You heard right... I actually have something to do on a Saturday Night! Almost like a regular human!

Why am I rambling... Thank you all for reading!! Have a wonderful weekend. See you Tuesday?
Toddy A is having the time of his life because he finally gets to drag people into his plant fandom.
Okay everyone. This is probably the first main Todd & Petunia page that I did all digital... Is it noticeable? I tried really hard to keep things consistent because I don't want a jarring difference right in the middle of a chapter... I'm thinking when we get to chapter 18, I'll allow myself to try a different digital inking brush. Namely something with line width variation... Haha.

I hope to post the next page on Thursday. See you then. Take care!

PS: Yes... I... haven't replied to all welcome-back comments yet... I'll get to it *looks at watch* soon...

I say I am nervous but also I am excited and of course I know it's impossible to meet everyone's expectations... SORRY I'M RAMBLING BASICALLY WHAT I MEAN IS I AM FINE!! YES. SEE YOU TUESDAY!!
Thank you everyone that's left me comments to welcome me back. If I haven't replied yet, I'll get to it soon! Thank you all so much. I'm feeling a little nervous now cause I wonder if I can meet all of your expectations with this comic... Haha. I'll just have to do my best! There is a lot coming up after this chapter!

This is officially the last inked-in-2015 page so starting from the next page it'll be all new art! Brace yourselves!

I hope to post a new page... Tuesday? Unless I decide to post earlier. Sorry this is all kind of random! Have a good weekend and thanks for reading.
Okay, since I began posting on Tumblr again, I am sure many of you have now joined us here. A warm welcome to you all. This is gonna sound dumb but I didn't know so many people read this comic? I think I've been a hermit for too long...

Anyways, next page will be up Thursday, I hope. See you then!
They got ya, Cyril. Kiss your life goodbye!!
@someone: Really?! The hands I draw?! I always thought that I had a strange way of drawing hands so it's so nice to hear that someone actually loved them. Thank you so much. I'm happy you enjoyed this comic AND my Free! fanart. Rin Matsuoka is still inspiring me... *cough* anyways thank you for the comment.
@S ★: I'm very happy you enjoyed the Allison brothers zine! They truly are a hoot!! Thank you for reading.
@S ★: Thanks for reading since Alternate! Haha wow! I'm so happy you're still here and of course, so glad you managed to pull through. That's so important. I will remember to take care of myself and I hope you stay safe as well. Thank you so much for the comment. ♥
@Mixt: Woooooooo thank you for rereading! I read your comments haha.
@val: Thank you for reading. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Your words mean a lot. I too hope that I can continue to update so I can bring this comic to its ending one day!
@karen: Hey! It's not corny. That's actually really cool and makes me glad that I drew Alternate. Thank you so much for the comment and the support. ♥
@middledumpling: Haha yep I've finally been posting on that tumblr again... That's sweet that you have good memories of this comic!

And I'm sorry but creating a physical copy of this again isn't really on my mind at the moment... I suppose I just want to focus on drawing the comic for now.

Thank you for the comment!
@Ichres: Yes, it has indeed been too long! And don't worry. The party's only just started! Thanks for the comment.
@anonymouse: Oh, I'm so honoured that my art could've inspired you. It's good to be back. Thank you for the comment!
@eli: Thank you for rereading! I'm so happy that this was your favourite comic. I hope I can do my best to draw more of it!
@kewe: I was like "that icon..." and then I realised... ROSIE?!?! I can't believe it! What's up?! Is it true you're an animal scientist now?! If yes, that's radical, if not, then I hope we can catch up sometime soon to chat (IF YOU WANT o__O)! I've missed you. Thank you for reading sidestory 2 AND for commenting!!