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Man I'm on fire!!!
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February 3rd, 2013
I meant to type 'I'm Here' but alas, too late
lol the power of miltank :)
January 30th, 2012
Teh Powa OF Anime
what i think he should say
> Johnny: she's backed up by the power of anime logic muthafucka!!!!!

Lrya: what the hell are you talking about?

J: wait.... you talk?

L: no, just this once
> Skip to end of comic
there might be something interesting there?
nice dr. who reference
so waddya think
read this comic at:
who is he
is he a monster,frend, of appirtion.. more to come
Here it is
if you can plz favorite and sub, if i get 1 favorite, ill be content, no rush..... DO IT OR DIE :)
Thank You
thank you, and con u spread the word Plz
Reality check
well, someone had to notice