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I'm just a someone who decided one day to come here and read other people's art. I intend to create a webcomic of my own soon, and it is actually in the works now. It's sloppy though... I am envious of the talent of some of the other comic hosts, but I'm sure I'll find a way to clean myself up soon. Or maybe never who really knows, right?
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it would've been kinder of him to take the kid at birth. She's far too attached to him now.
Dat mustache...
She probably wants the badge back :p or... REMATCH >:V!!! Or wait, what if she wants DT for herself?? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE CRUEL.
also the big bubble on Atty's back totally looks like it's smiling... creepy...
I can't help but wonder...
Is the Pikachu's face one of concern for his master, or is it gasping for breath because George is squeezing it too tight?

I gotta know!!
That poor little Pikachu...
I quite love this story, top notch as always :3
She just wants him to take off his mask.
So not sexy... lolwut?
it looks so sad I just want to hug it!!! ;3;
I thought Atty looked different. I think he looks better already!
epic ta da x3

I miss this comic....
@qazox: i think they were being coy...
I was thinking Dake was left outside too... maybe it's a surprise!
Poor Tommy...
It really wasn't his fault D:
Tommy, just tell them 'no traigo los calzones' and they'll take you wherever you need to go ;3
I love how you draw
I have this feeling...
I think Tommy's either thinking or about to respond with "I Do What I Want!"