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I'm Roro.
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This is such a lovely and pure romance. c: I can't wait to see more of it.
Seconded; I love RPGs. :D
Thank you so, so much for finishing. I've been disappointed by comic drops so much. Romy is so relatable and adorkable, and I'm so ready to see her get some action. Heck, I even named my cat after her. Your comics are lovely, and I can't wait to see what you put out next- I'm sure it'll be just as good as or even better than Heard. I'm not disappointed that it's going to end soon, just glad that there's going to be an ending. c: No matter what, keep doing what you love, whatever you find that is!
And I just watched kill bill an hour ago.
I missed this so much. Glad to see it update! c:
I actually used to pull the heads off my barbie dolls and tie strings to them, and use them as cat toys.
Am I alone in this..? :\
I've finally caught up! c:
Read all of the Leafgreen challenge yesterday. Super excited for Heartgold.
sfgh omg off topic but
I started stalking your youtube and you have a papillon. I have a papillon. My papillon is named Pickle. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PAPILLON.
November 7th, 2011
Rann. xD
He's going to crawl into it after Sifris is asleep. He has to. Come on.
October 24th, 2011
Rann. ;u;
I love you.
I was looking for things to read because no updates from any of my favorites and then
This update happened.
I love you~~~ c:
xD I can't wait for this one, I love your art style.
I believe this calls for a flashback!~
Drugs do a lot to someone's appearance? xD
I giggled at the Jesus Bus bit, actually. I mean, Calocor's comment was kinda ow, 'cause I'm a Christian, and that's my faith, but I thought Jesus Bus too when I saw it. x) So no biggie, Firan, don't beat yourself up about it.
In any case, Lor is adorable as always.
Do I detect beautiful liesbeanity?
I think I do.
A sexy twig if I ever saw one.
I'll take a look at that.
You should read The Zombie Hunters, if you haven't. It's not on smackjeeves, but it's got a legit plot and amazing art. You'd be able to find it just by searching the name, it's got its own site. I think there are about ten or eleven chapters up now.