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I'm gonna take a wild guess and predict Jacob's eventual Pokemon will be a rattata =P
That is awesome, and I think the waiter had the right idea in the last panel, I can see those two being a couple actually.
Last panel, just, so very cute in a please-don't-cry kinda way =3
reminds me of the whale in Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
Wow 0_o
It's like me when I first got my laptop XD
Well, this kinda sucks but its not really your fault, well, maybe the laptop cord, but I still believe most technology of the world has a personal vendetta against there creators.
Anyhow, hope everything works out for you with the tablet and the moving and everything =3
Edit: I also found this drawing incredibly cute and funny =3
What was Locke going to say when she put the glasses on if Oak hadn't 'interrupted' her?
April fools
Hee, adorable (=
My April's fools joke of the year was changing all the folders on another students computer into rick-roll lyrics =D
This comic was awesome (=
I hope the gods of internet chance let us play together one day, for you seem like someone it would be awesome fun to play with.