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..and here i thought it was going to be all fluffy and stuff for a while.. heh.. glad i was wrong^^
well, i´m definitely for two pencilled pages per week :). it looks great too, and that way the story will progess quicker^^
aww..quinton is left alone whereas poor jet is beaten up by everyone..well, guess that´s what you get for being a cute villain^^.
.. sou certainly is one-minded xD. ah well, persistence is a good thing, i guess^^
oh, and how could one not love captain spitz? he´s adorable, what with the grumpy looks and all <3
good luck on your exams! :) to the story: is nem thinking or talking out loud in the last panel? o.O cause if that´s not all in his head, i wouldn´t be surprised if "bob" thinks he´s a bit weird himself^^
*aww*.. he´s got a "skelanimals" sticker on his i like him even more xD