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Fun-loving, crazy, suicidal (in a fun, not-too-lethal way), adventurous and out-going. Love to read and write stories, read and draw comics, listen to music and singing, watch tv and sleep. An uber fan of yaoi, which icked many, including my bf, but celebrated by many onliners. YAOI RULEZ~!!!
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    Judith Light
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February 23rd, 2019
@hiccupthatdragondaddyrider: Let's just assume he looked it up online or asked his mentors after the fact ;p
Are those the South Park kids? LOL
He just drooled after being knocked the fuck out and all you grab for DNA is the cactus spine on his butt??
Author's Note
As expressed on this page, you need to know the La Nouche lore in order to understand the story as the plot goes along. So if you want to save yourself from confusion, go here--> read up on La Nouche and the lore behind her before you carry on with the story. Thank you kindly!
Holy fuck, it legit made my heart almost jump out of my chest. Good one, girl