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Names Spencer. I draw alot and love photography.

I currently have two projects running:
Summer Morgue has been discontinued.

-Simply Nonsense-
Photography webcomic that will be updated every Wednesday or Sunday or both. Depending on how busy I am and if I have the photographs for it.

If you have any questions you can ask me them on dA. (:
I don't get it D:

But I totally love the person that did the Marcos' Little Leaf Monster song c: Twas cute.
I'm surprised only two other people mentioned Doctor Who o: You did an amazing job on this <3 *crawls back into secret fan hole*.
World's Greatest Zombie.


I wanna steal your heart. <3
And eat your brains
Oh god my first time drinking alcohol was watching The Human Centipede with 6 friends and 2 40s of bud light...good night.
So this teacher of mine used to be my english teacher and every time I see him around he always asks how I am. I always say, I'm alright and he always replies "Are you all right?" and then he goes on to ask if I have a left and I say yes and he says then you're not "all right". It's not as funny as it is annoying, but he's a good teacher.
Happy Mother's Day~ Whoo...


2 uploads in one day yay me.
Page 2!

S-A-F-E-T-Y Safety Dance~
What time is it?!



I love your comic <3 *coming out of the secretly reading but not commenting closet.*
So these butterflies were know sex. XD

And well my mom told me to get a picture and these were my first two thoughts of what they were saying. Then a few other things came along.