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Reading, editing, serial commas.
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Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. I was traveling between Christmas and New Year's and was away from a scanner for longer than anticipated. I also have a new computer, which will be a good thing ultimately, but right now I'm still adjusting and working on both my 10-year-old desktop and the new laptop.

The good news is that I had planned to take a hiatus after Chapter 2 ends, but now that I've had time to think, script, and thumbnail, I'm pretty sure I can stay on schedule once Chapter 3 starts.

Although I may end up taking some time to finish a mini or two for TCAF (anyone else out there going?). I'd love to print a Red Pen book but because my old computer sucked so much I never saved pages at print quality. So if a Red Pen book existed the quality would be very poor indeed.
December 19th, 2012
There are so many things I love about this page. So many things.
Regular updates should resume: M/W/F

Thanks for reading!
End of Chapter 1!
BLAZIN through the rest of Chapter 1. GIT TO SOME ACT-I-ON.
You got it!
I got a bit overloaded this summer, but now that September has started I am trying to keep (more or less) to a M/W/F schedule.

If it isn't obvious, advances are the first books to come in from the printer--they go directly to editors, who eagerly review them, looking for printing errors. This is particularly important for illustrated books such as the Encyclopedia of Nipple Clamps mentioned above.

(I really looked forward to drawing this page. <3 <3)
@Sunny-Ray: Duke or Lorna? :P
@pnfpn: She'll live our hearts. (Too bad, I'm gonna miss drawing that Snooki pouf!)
@Zin0: Thanks!!
@Sunny-Ray: All will be revealed! :D
Next up, the first chapter! I have been trying to script it all out in an organized fashion, so I apologize for any delays along the way. Updates should continue on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
@pnfpn: Thanks for your comment!! THE SAUSAGE
When unsolicited (ie unagented) proposals come in to a publishing company, they go straight to the mailroom, rather than an editor's desk, and are collected there for some lucky intern to sift through. And each one is an incipient gem, for sure!
Dorothy is a Baum-esque stranger in a strange land, for sure! No gingham (or ruby...or silver...slippers) yet, though...
@Some_unknown_dude: Congratulations, you have won a special prize! (Although I still have to figure out what that special prize might be!)

Incidentally I completely messed up in phrasing this question (editorial acumen at work!). It's supposed to depict agent Morgan Entrekin...although now that I think of it Fisketjon looks pretty similar, doesn't he?

Wow, I'm thrilled by your answer to this question. I'm going to have to start putting more publishing-related Easter eggs in these pages.
@bread&beer: Thanks for reading!
25 pages, can you believe it! Almost the end of the prologue...