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My likes? Probably this comic, that would make sense, huh?
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Day 1
*shudder* Yeah... That looks unpleasant, here's hoping I haven't been earning one of my own somehow. Granted I have a job, don't potter (gahaha wow that joke was unintended and inappropriate) and my only 'fall from grace' will be having to move out of the house into the economic climate *shudder* yeah this sucks. O_O
Newbie reporting in Sir!
Had to get in on this (love your comic!)

Gotta worry: isn't Devon smarter than this? Aren't MOST people smarter than this? He's plotting something I tells ya! That punch is the end game, and I don't think the good guy behind the punch is gonna come out on top this time. Worst part? At this point Devon doesn't NEED to say Pat is gay - he's in trouble enough as is. But it's DEVON. That kind of guy sees a bad situation for someone he doesn't like, you bet certain as hellfire he'll make it worse.

Can't wait for Monday! Good luck if you decide to try the 5 day schedule: don't overwork yourself please!