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My name is Thanatos-Zero.
I am a huge Mecha and Super Robot Wars Fan. I like Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Gaogaigar, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann and last but not least the mecha from Banpresto for the SRW games.
I play and I like many kind of games, but the Rockman (excluding Exe and Shooting Star) and Super Robot Wars games are my favorites.

I am working currently for the Megaman Odyssey Project, as a graphic designer and advisor.
If you want to learn more of Megaman Odyssey visit Board2.
As for my occupation, I am a freelancer currently.

I am from germany, for those who were wondering.
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I still ponder to this day.
Has he died or did he just move on?
@LilBruno: Though a bit deconstruction can add interresting odds for our protagonists.
Landing on heels can lead to dire harm with sharp objects, which could be a good lesson for Sidney to learn walking properly.

Anyways, do what you feel is right. :)
Who was the creator of Toxic Seahorse though?
Megaman Rock Force flashbacks
He still made sure not to destroy their ICs, right?
Roll almost had him, after that sheer display of skill.
Oh Noes!
There goes the presents.
How nostalgic...
I wonder if RyanMC fell victim to an accident or just couldn't bear it anymore.

Thank you Ryan for all of your work.
Could Gate's fall to darkness caused Saturn to fall as well? I mean, if he hasn't find out about Gate already, he will certainly at one point and come in a great argument with his peers, which will disillusion him greatly to the point of rejecting them.
Will Sydney gain on her travels the means to Mega-Evolve her Pokemon?

(little note for later, so TV tropes will mark your work with the Shown Their Work trope.

People who walk barefoot, treat the ground first with the top/middle of the feet first. Doing it with the heel would result in severe pain and injuries. The foot is designed like a spring to absorb the physical force.)
He may be a hunter, but X will always
strive first for a peaceful solution.
Even if it means to put himself into
harms way for to negotate with or to subdue them.
X is just that... DETERMINED.
December 15th, 2015
You are gonna have a very... very...
good time ahead, if you are honest. :3
December 15th, 2015
I must say, your Frisk is the most cute version of them I have ever seen. And they are beautifully androgynous. :3
There is a Alternative for sneakers

Barebottom Shoes (Highly recommended)
or Vibram Five Fingers

The latter doesn't allow you to be grounded, as well receiving health benefits.

The barebottom shoes keep your feet warm though, which even allows you to walk on snow.
There are also the Earth Grounding Barefoot Shoes which only use simple leather to protect the skin and muscles, but they still allow all benefits as well feeling the ground. Visually however they don't look different from other shoes.

Sydney however should have no problems walking on mountain terrain since she walks barefoot for several years.

There are also barefoot hikers. For example "The Barefoot Sisters" Susan and Lucy Letcher.

I wouldn't mind for Sydney to become a barefoot hiking Pokemon Trainer. This is something very unique, which make her stand out of the lot of the OC Trainers.

Edit: I started not long ago to walk barefoot myself, I however still need shoes until my feet are completely conditioned.
One thing though...
The so much called bad writing that Ciel created Copy X. It was a late to last decision to change X to Copy X.
Thus Ciel had to stand in.

It was for the reason to keep X a hero, and being a villian would be soor taste for players playing X, knowing he would turn into a villian one day.

However... childs are blank papers, do you really blame a child for not knowing better?
She herself realised her mistakes, when she matured.
Funny enough that is NA's doing.
Abbarants were still called Irregulars in Rockman Dash.
I see...!
Lets follow N's adventures as Omega.

There is a new MMX comic.

Have fun. :)
CR 34 ?!!!!
The Tarrasque has a CR of 30!
That is crazy!
You underrestimate Blues
Just watch out Shining Moth. :P
It must be a very old Mythos/Mutos Reploid from the Neo Arcardian days.