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Been drawing sense i was a kid, my focus was animals till i hit about...8th grade (12/13 years old) and switched to people. I like to blend the realistic qualities with the anime type style....My computer sucks but i love it.
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    Alya Fenume
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So I just blazed through the entire comic. I'm absolutely in love with it :)
Pretty much how I envisioned these encounters in the games... Random bats. Love it :3
I don't know if it just occurred to me... but this chapter for sure... Shuno's looking REALLY sexy. Specially that hair of his :3 <3
I love the fact that he's kinda going feathery. Don't know if its cuse he's flustered but its adorable.
Oh wow, okay i've been reading this for a while now, but I just didn't have a job (or the money that comes with it) to donate, but I am going to do it this month! D: