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Mr. Gruntsworthy
I'm a 30 year old programmer by day, 3D Printer by night; and find time to spend on all my various hobbies in between!
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    Mike Seguin
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Author's Note
Drawing hands and using Copics: I HATE BOTH SO VERY MUCH
Author's Note
Copic markers hate me.
Author's Note
Finally got another page done. Linework-ho!
Author's Note
So hey, I finally have another page done. I have the first two chapters planned out; now if only I managed to get around to drawing them...
Chapter 1
This concludes the prologue.

The type of reader I'm hoping to attract with this hopefully won't be dissuaded with a little bit of reading... Unless you're a 12 year old with ADD, a page of backstory won't bother you.
Emotionally charged right from the get-go.
Don't forget to +fav.
A bit of light reading before starting the exercise proper.
I'll draw about a page a week, give or take.
Author's Note
Title page for chapter two. Meet the other two main characters. More to come...
Author's Note
And this brings Chapter 1 to a close, folks...
Author's Note
I can't help but get the shakes while inking. Shit sucks, yo.
Author's Comment
Another update. Two pages left until Chapter one's done!
OMG an update. Now that the school year's winding down, I'm focusing on finishing up the first chapter and preparing the second's story.
Author's Note
Sorry about the ten day interval, guys. Holidays and all. Anyways, sans the first panel, this page turned out okay (I really need to work on my top-down views... -_-)

so, um... enjoy! Should be back to a more regular weekly-update schedule.

Yeah, I didn't get to finish the first chapter, but... in other news, I'm planning another comic project. This other one is going to be pretty awesome... and I guarantee it will be better than Paroled, as this comic has served quite well as a learning experience.
Author's Note
I am happy with this page, other than the screwed up positioning of the ear on Alex in the second panel.

The chapter is drawing to a close, guys. Are you liking it?
Mr. Gruntsworthy
December 16th, 2010
I dig the glasses chick. Cute.
Author's Note
See the difference quality makes. Okay, enough ripping off Schneiders. I got to play around with some new art stuffs, such as my .3mm and .6mm Pigma Sensei tec pens, my white ink pump pen, and what has to be my most important addition, whiteout. :P This page turned out MUCH better than the previous couple, did it not? Even the flow and composition is showing well. :)