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*waggles eyebrows* well then
January 13th, 2013
@Daughter_of_Athena Some scientists do believe that there was the herb called "Silphium" that's now extinct that was used as a birth control pill. So there may be that for Persephone :P
XD That little post-it note. Of course people would bring ammo too.

...Wait, I just noticed, this is the title of the webcomic, isn't it? Hmmmm... When will we see a gun in this kitchen?
Because this deal won't be sketchy at /all/.
No words for this but just AWWWWWWWWWWW!
O.O... He's so cute! Totally wasn't expecting that.
Hm, don't recognize him, but judging from the comments above, it's Luxray. And thank you very much for updating again. :D I do hope that you're doing better and that your illness isn't too bad.
Minty, how many pastries do you eat per day?
Yay for Mr.Muffin. Does he live on Drury Lane? :P
I love the visuals in this comic. The style's very sleek and well done! Love D and Mika, they're just awesome.
@Eilonwyn-chan: Genre Savvy by the looks of it.
And are you a troper?
Sixtuple(?) YAY! The story is back!
Part II's gonna be awesome!
*is extremely happy to see french*
Oh wow, yay for everything in this page too! I want to see more french, although people at my school (I go to french school in Canada) use "chambre" as room too, so the mistake isn't really one considering how most young people don't really use other words for room.
Happy late b-day!
Like everyone above me... He's so freakin' cute! Awwww......
September 11th, 2011
Comment virginity! Lol,love little Demi's face on the last panel.
This comic is great so far! I love the coloring, it's fantastic! And the story's quite good too!
RUN Atty, RUN!!!
Oh yes, now I just wanna discover what's THAT thing.