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lives to draw manga...
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    kym checa
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i drew this comic on real live paper :p .... so yes, i finaly worked hard on a page ^w^
...although, its kinda less smooth compared to the tablet :/

oh and can someone please help me resize my pages =A=" theyre too big apparently :p
lols, sorry, he's not joe everyone :p

i know i said i would work harder on this and i did a little bit for a little while, then i started scribling again :/ sorry :( but but but, im sure it will slowly get better and better :p sorry again ^^"

anyways....ENJOY!! >w<
was this redone?
i remember reading this a long time ago :p from some forgotten website, but i dont remember the comic beig so detailed!
:D is this redone from an older comic or something and ive just miraculously rediscovered it by fate?! :D

i loved it back then, and i love it more no ! :D keep going >A<
lols i bet he pushed his way through to a tough area,and the pokemon are like super high leveled kukukukuk...
June 14th, 2011
lols, i dont know how to resize :/ i drew it on a5 coz a4 was too big :(
someone teach me how to make the pages smaller please =A=

suprised :D
im suprised how well this comic is doin lols, THANKS FOR ALL THE FAVS :D
this was just for fun so the pics are SUPER RUSHED but now that i see that a lot of people like it, im gonna workmore serious on the drawings from now on (oh and draw better abs ;P)
is the rum still gone? 0.o?
read your comic :p did you end up continuing it? :/ or am i a year too late :( lols anyways, i enjoyed it :p!
June 3rd, 2011
heheh as suspicious as a woman with a big ass mirror in the middle of the school yard can get :p
May 26th, 2011
co0o0ol :p wish i had sisters :/
its another metapod aint it? theres always another metapod....
April 14th, 2011
i remember reading this comic aaages ago on some other site, but i lost track of what site it was on and i lost it forever...until i saw it on smackjeeves!! :D is that destiny or what? :p
April 10th, 2011
tell you a secret? :p im kinda just making it up as i go ^^" but i have a general idea...