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x Pen Name: Surreal Masque
x Hair Color: Purple/blue/fushia
x Eye Color: Hazel
x Birthday: February 16th

x Movies: Pan's Labrynth/ Shaun of the Dead/ Sweeney Todd/
x Anime/Manga: Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann/ Axis Powers Hetalia/ Kuroshitsuji/ Neuro/DeathNote/ Ouran High School/ Inuyasha/ FLCL/ Sayonarah Zetsobou Sensei/ xxxHolic/ BAKUMAN!
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Thief of Hearts has Regenerated
Hello again, everyone! It has been a long, long time, hasn't it?

First of all, I deeply apologize for not updating this comic in so long. Life has been so chaotic after high school finished for me. College, work, illness... a whole bunch of things all collaborated to stunt much productivity and creativity in the comic sector of my life, until recently, when I was reminded about how much I truly deeply loved working on this story. So! I endeavored to reboot it once more.

Though I loved my past work when I was young, now rereading I see so many of my amateur mistakes and plot holes. Though I love my characters and the story I labored so hard to bring you guys when I was younger, I feel it deserves better. So, I am starting over. I was never satisfied with the opening of this comic. My artwork was sloppy, Erik's first encounter with Charlotte was a travesty as far as backgrounds (or immense lack thereof) were concerned, and I was just plain buzzing with new ideas to make it better than it was before. So, after a long hiatus, I have decided to give this story a makeover, and regenerate it in a brand new form.

Now, I am telling you guys this as Surrealmasque, however, over the course of time, I have abandoned my old name and adopted a new persona: Sachelarot. As is such, my new account is under that name, and features my new reboot; Thief of Hearts: Regeneration. This might be fitting, since I think that "Thief of Hearts" deserves a fresh start, and what better way than under my new flourish "Sachelarot"?

I've changed some things here and there, made some alterations to designs and locations, changed some dialogue and fixed a bunch of problems I had with the first chapter. It's all for the utmost best, I assure you!

So, I'll be uploading these new pages on "Thief of Hearts"'s new home: "Thief of Hearts" at

I look forward to writing and drawing Erik, Charlotte, UnDeuxUn, Rietch, and all the rest with utmost excitement once again!

Hope you'll come by to check it out. Thank you guys, and I'm so sorry that it has been so long since I last returned to this site. I endeavor to make this comic far superior to how it is now, though updating it with a fresh story that will make me proud.

See you there!

Evidence that yes; I am alive.

Slow... but alive.

Sorry for the ridiculous wait! Enjoy!
September 20th, 2009
To answer your question; we like to come up with this stuff during our freetime together. A lot of the actual script though is kinda winged, but both sides know roughly what's going on.

And no, it's not dead. I'm just tardy with my updates.... really... really tardy. I'm sorry.
September 20th, 2009
Hey everybody! Sorry it took so long to get this page up!

Yay Hobo-Vampire! ^^

I'm suffering from the spiral curse... =_= Curly Qs galore. I'm really surprised how clean this page came out! Favorite part of this page: SCRUTINIZE.

Anyway, hopefully you won't have to wait so incredibly long anymore... thanks for the patience guys.
Heya Everyone!

So sorry for the long wait, but good news: ToH is going to be updating really shortly! I'm so sorry that I've made you all wait so long!

Anyway, thank you all for waiting on me... your patience is legendary. Thank you!
Final One!
YAY! The last one!

Rietch's was INCREDIBLY HARD! ><

Confession: never drew a motorcycle before. Rietch has four vehicles, and my weak suit is: you guessed it! Vehicles. So, it's a practice go. It turned out pretty good, actually... and I kinda like Rietch in orange. I have a very large version, which I'm considering making a wallpaper... I dunno. Oh, and Axes got a color change. He looked a little too close to Erik with the light orangy brown hair... so now it's a greeny grey color! ^^ Looks better anyway.

Anyway, last filler for a while, I promise. ^^
^^ I got enough time to get a page done earlier than expected!
The Madness Continues
Next page update will be sometime this week; though I have my aunt visiting, so it might take some time. Rietch's interview will probably be with-held until next Saturday. Until then, enjoy Erik's interview, everybody!

(It's been so long since I drew Erik normally. I had fun drawing him that way [as you can tell])

Btw: things that might be missed after the shrinking of this page:

- Erik's shirt says "Ironic Romantique" and "I Kill Love Dead".
- Adam-Chibi is holding onto the deadly fork! Muhahaha~!
- That cake's rebelling against everyone.

Oh, and thank you everyone for wishing me better! ^^ I feel 100% now!
Bet he felt that one.

Thank you everyone for wishing me get betters. I'm actually feeling a little better today! (Yesterday was painful... oww..)

Anyway; I will be posting Erik's interview sometime this weekend, should I get enough time to finish it!

This page brought to you after four hours overdosing on Avenged Sevenfolds' Little Piece of Heaven and Mindless Self Indulgences' Whack! ^^

(This page actually looks pretty good, for how messy it was originally... Dead Rietch is so adorable ^^ Oh, and in case you're wondering, they can't be seen right now, so nobody witnessed the murder in the caf'e. Explaination to follow eventually.)
Not As Planned!
Just had to coin it;
Anyway... I ish sick today... sour stomach. =_= Bleh.

However, it gave me enough time to get this page up, so yays. About time too...
For reals?!! Wow~! Thank you!

That's unfortunate about the scanner though; I use an HP printer/scanner... we got it from WalMart.
Yes, the tiny tiny alley-way can fit a massive three headed dragon. It's magic. Seriously.
Finally! THE INTERVIEW I SAID I'D DO! I have Erik's and Rietch's too, which I'll be adding throughout the week. (I know, a little late... but better late than never!)

New page will also be this week as well. Almost done with it.
To Supercomputer276: Thanks, I didn't notice that. I'll try to fix it.

Edit-- I adjusted it a bit, hopefully that looks better for now. I'll research my css and html for better results when I have more time.

To Tresity: Isn't it though? ^^'' Need to work on my foreshortening a little... it's been a while.

To Hiruda: Thanks! ^^
Hey peoples!
Sorry it took me so long!
But here it is!

^^ I'll try to update more regularly.

Btw: The fingers that are cutting up the table top belong to Erik. Just if there was confusion.

+ 600 fans??? Really???!

*Dies of amazement overload*
New Page~!

^^ This was actually really fun to draw.

Poor Erik... tries to help and just gets faceplanted into the table.

BTW, Affliction has finally promo-ed, so if you're interested, go take a look-see! ^^
It's the 2nd Year Anniversary!
Thank you all for your awesome support, and, though I didn't have enough time to finish EVERYTHING I wanted to post today (namely, the Flash... ><), I will be posting a new page VERY soon... but since it's my birthday on Monday, I probably won't have time for the next two days...



^^ Yes! I actually have begun posting it! If you're interested in the events before this comic, go take a look! (Especially if you're a Erik or Rietch fan).

Thank you all for everything, and looking forward to another awesome year! ^^
Hehehe... yeahhh... back when I was being really silly...

Don't mind it.
500+ FANS?!
ZOmg I didn't think I'd ever make it this far! ^^ Thank you everyone for your total awesomeness and support! Thanks for sticking with me through the duration of this comic!

While we're on the same joyous note: Thief of Hearts is almost two years old! February 14th marks it's 2nd birthday, and so, I was thinking of doing something special: Interviewing the Characters of Thief of Hearts.

You each can ask up to three questions for Erik, Rietch, or Charlotte, and on February 14th, they'll answer them! The cut off date for questions is February 9th!

If you'd like, you can also send questions to! ^^

On a separate note: I changed the layout! Yayyy~! Thank you to Whistleonwild! Absolute life saver! Let's hope this one works for everyone this time!

Hope you all like the pic! This one took me the longest time EVER to do! But I love it to death, so time well spent, methinks! I had the hardest time picking colours... I've never been good at doing colourwork... but this one turned out alright! I can't decide which outfit's my favorite! I finally found some awesome paper that I've been scribbling constantly on (though, with it costing $7.99 a pad of 30, I should not be so hasty). Oh, and in case you're wondering, that is a red string connecting each character, and it's a cat's cradle in Charlotte's fingers that is supposed to look like a heart (though it's very angular). I have decided that I want her boots, if not Rietch's.

Oh, and yesterday I got asked how exactly to pronouce Rietch's name. I pronounce it Rye (like the bread)+ tch (like at the end of witch). Some people I guess were pronouncing it Retch (like they were gonna hurl... *giggles*)... course, he's a bit of a wretch anyway, I can see how that would work. Anyway, just FYI.

And speaking of Rietch, my fanart section has been updated with new fanart! Go check out the absolute wonderfulness!!

Thank you all for your wonderful support!
*Le gaspeh and le sqwee!!*

*huggles picture* Thank you Hiruda!!!! It's GORGEOUS!