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January 16th, 2012
OH DEAR GOD YES!! So I /was/ being trolled. XD That's a relief!
And the Homestuck style was actually really awesome to read! Can't wait for normal pages again though, LOL.
THANK YOU TONS for not giving up on this comic. <3
January 15th, 2012
I still have no idea whether I'm being trolled or not. Either way:
I APPLAUD YOU... I think...
WHAT IN THE HECK IS HAPPENING? Is this Homestuck nonsense just a joke or is this really happening or have I just been propelled into some parallel universe? I don't even-- *flips table*
Oh nuu~! I usually never comment on people's comics just because I'm not the type to express feeling or whatever but I LOVELOVE your comic! It's so great to see how much you've progressed since the beginning and the plot is just getting started! Maybe take a hiatus and think it over instead of just quitting? Please, for us, your fans? D8
Another page for the you guys~ <3
Okay, so remember that announcement I released saying that my tablet had been fixed? Well it /was/ FOR LIKE 2 DAYS. And in those two days, I got four out of five panels of a new page done. Finally today, even though my tablet is still broken, I finished the fifth panel and just let it stay all pencil-drawn-y. I can't believe it's been 4 MONTHS! Thank you to all my readers for staying with me! Expect more updates now. ^-^
ON A PLUS NOTE THOUGH: Since it has been four months, my art has improved quite a bit (in my opinion at least. :D)
HMM... well Fish Bowl isn't an electronic? X3
don't know when i'm actually gonna start chapter 1. hopefully soon. x3
also, don't judge-- i just really wanted to draw Krej naked. idk. XD
PROLOGUE IS DONE! WOOT! warning though.. don't know how long it's gonna take for me to start on chapter 1. haha

Totally my favorite page. <3 i was grinning the entire time i drew this... i swear i don't have problems...
aaand thank you to the lovely compliments from ilubwolves and Kitsune2cute. much appreciated. <3
i had waaay too much fun with the lettering in this one. haha
ONE MORE PAGE LEFT of the prologue! and it's my favorite one too. maybe I'll draw and color it tonight. I still have like 3 hours to kill.
getting better at hands and scenery~!
i'm starting to have fun drawing the people in crowds. xD
four more pages of the prologue left. not too excited to draw the next one... it's gonna be kind of hard. but the last three will be fun!
House Ghost suggested i should make the lines less sketchy, so here you go~ <3
critique and suggestions are always appreciated. ^-^
also, i tried drawing an actual crowd instead of just stick people this time. LOL
if you can't tell (because it's really sketchy), he just dropped his cigarette.
see? better...ish...
oh and don't try to translate the Japanese.. i just wrote gibberish because i was too lazy to think of something actual to write. now that i think about it i could have written Tamaka Station or subway or something... whatever. XD
lol sorry... this page is especially crappy... last one for today though. I PROMISE YOU GOOD ART TOMORROW!! And it will be colored. <3 9 more pages of the prologue left, by the way.
first page of the prologue. apologies for the bad art. :c
title page~
the title page and the two main characters of the comic: Alec Maruska and Krej (pronounced Kray) Hresko.