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I is an artist, thats pretty much it
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I haven't checked this is so long omg I feel bad for forgetting
but it seems your work is just as amazing as ever :3c and your art has improved so drastically it's amazing!!! I love your comic so much u vu
I hope you're having a great day <3<3<3 keep up the good work
i love this comic so much
i can't wait for more <3
January 18th, 2012
hooray! i've started updating again!!!
i wonder how long this will last XD
December 19th, 2011
lol! i missed the past few pages, and omg, i wasn't sure that Atherton was actually checking him out! XDD i feel dumb. but omg, i love you. i oved the lighting on the last page [i noticed that before the sex @A@] and that last panel. mmmmmm... very distracting. i gotta get around to drawing more Atherton. it's cool though! maybe i'll get to catch up on drawing for winter break!

oh, and hey, do you remember that livestream like, months ago, where i told blankd that i'd draw a threesome with Beppe just watching? i can't remember which characters they were...Keagan, Kadeen[i think] and..... ???
August 3rd, 2011
holy crap that guy is hawt *drools*
i just realized, i haven't updated this in a month!
not that anyone cares, cause i have no fans!!! TTATT
April 30th, 2011
pg 3 is here!
there you go, pg 1
i like matts surprised face, its cute!