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I like playing video games, making drawings, pasta, reading, I hate zombies and first-person shooting games. I like pokemon, mario, sonic, roblox, kirby, scribblenauts, drawn to life, smash bros., hanging out with my pals, Paper mario, My favorite pokemon is salamance, funny stuff, my favorite channal is Cartoon network. My shows are Kirby right back at ya, adventure time, problem solvers, regular show, penguins of madagascar, phineas and ferb, fish hooks, and sonicX. I love diary of a whimpy kid. I hate sassy people. I'm a little bit of a hot head( I get mad easily). I am an awsome kid with a very very very big imagination( you don't want to know what goes on in my head...0_o.

I hate bees,hornets, wasps,worst of all...YELLOW JACKETS,and school projects. hOW DO i MAKE comics on smack jeeves?
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Why do I feel bad for a bulborb right now... :( *insert crying here*
Is steve okay...NOOOOOOOO! is there going to be a new steve jr.*sniff* *sniff*
I'm going to save this good looking comic to read over thanksgiving break and you and me have the same avatars! ^(^.^)>
Dosen't electricity kill red pikmin? Messed up pikmin logic... but awsome job at the comic!
Oh no the cuteness shall rape olimar and steve!
I love keeby, he only apeared in like 1 or 2 games but I like him. :(
I love that game!
Yay! Where gonna have a DARK meta rug :)
8O What!
The Great Kirby Bros. are...Cracking too?!?
Hooray for anime! (>^_^)>
Uh-oh This is Looking bad!

Nightmare, Darknebula, GFK, GIK, GLK,dedede, And that kirby with the purple mohawk! There all getting out!
Yeah I have noticed those too!
The 2nd post is breaking...
Did justice guy get crushed too o.o