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I'm a computer programmer who plays RPGs, watches a lot of movies, and is an expert at navel contemplation.
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    Steve Smith
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A great way to begin a story. Very neat!
Thank you!
I like how self-contained your stories can be, while still linking together with the others in ways. Looking forward to the next, as always! :)
When the head of the house comes home, everyone comes running. Some less unstinting in their affection....
As foretold in prophecy.... will find Hades in the kitchen. And some pomegranate seeds. ;)
While the artist's away...
@agnosis: ...the readers must play. House party in Theia Mania! ♫♪ :o ♪♫
Sad commentary
Such a tumultuous family that he has to question the love of his aunt, who obviously did much for him. :(
@JigokuNeko: That could be a couple hundred dollars and a "prized" teacup. :D When everything is the goal, -anything- is too much.

Death sure brings out the talons in family.
That's some owl-eyed wisdom, there. :)
Not cool!
Her friends have some problems. Or maybe they have no real problems, and assume that everyone's "secrets" are simple, untroubling, and painless to reveal? :P
Good guy!
Sure, he's thinking of the girl, but he's -doing- what's right. Good for him. :)
@Guest: He's a good, interesting character. It'd be easy to portray him as, like you said, too emo, but he's a complex character who is quietly dedicated to duty, so the hustle and bustle of Olympus is overwhelming. :)
March 20th, 2016
Fingers entwined....
...and they lived happily ever after, with no complications or drama, and this concert was just a prelude to their wonderful lives. ;)
Which will it do?
Will this shut down the conversation completely, or will they dig for every intimate detail? :D
February 17th, 2016
No capes!
No capes.
The Family Party
Yes, it would be great to see "The Family Party" here! Tumblr is great and all, but it's easier to look for references on a full web site. :)
The best!
One of the best "Mad Max" send-ups I've seen! :)
The fundamentals
The Olympians are all about class. Class and tact. Tactfully tactful, those Olympians. ;)
Thought bubble....
"I hope nobody overheard that."
September 30th, 2015
Welcome back! Glad to hear your computer problem didn't wipe -everything- out! :D

And..."Ba-Bump"...he's got it bad!
September 15th, 2015
...but not a kindness. Sometimes coddling -is- the problem.