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I kind of feel bad Cake girl. I mean yeah she has done some horrible things that are justified in her messed up thought process but still it is sad to see somebody going this far for revenge. I guess Harold probably understands a bit where Cake girl's anger is coming from since he has always been in the shadow of his brother. If anybody can help her come to her senses before it is too late it is him.
And in his own unique way Wallace becomes the good guy and looking out for Assistant nwn
March 26th, 2012
yay! OwO *Waits with excited patience*
You would complete my life if you showed me this. OwO
Oh reg you and your mouth. Though Devi does have a point. It is kind of disturbing how cold it seems Alan can be to people. Maybe being around the other renters will do him some good.
QAQ new characters yay! >W<
>3< poor Jiani. It must be hard having to live in the basement and Alan you are soooo going to be a ball of fun. XD
Welcome back!
Aww Lucy QAQ Devi isn't someone you have to be afraid of

Hmmmm. Interesting. I can't wait to see how things turn out >w<
YAY! Look at the cutness! >W<
Hmmmm. I wonder if Lucy has had some sort of encounter with this Jiani it seems like they have meet and for that matter I wonder what type of pokemon Jiani is.... I'm leaning more towards Froslass.
February 10th, 2012
I love this comic! >w< I can't wait to see more
Poor Basil. I feel sad for him. He doesn't know how to handle open family loving. QwQ
Hello hunk~ XD
*nods* The results of this will be quite amusing XD
January 16th, 2012
Quite interesting. I love how this story has developed. I mean there is alot of comedy but there are times likes this where the seriousness gets through. nwn Love it
Holy crap when did slenderman become a doctor and gain an overbite? XD
Sweet he looks awesome! Him evolving though has got me worried :( I hope it doesn't go to his head and make him go back to old habits
*nods* clever girl. always get as much stuff from famous people while you can XD
You know he means well. He just doesn't think out how to say it before it comes blurting out of his mouth. I have the same problem at times. Still gotta love him for trying to make her feel better the little numbskull >w<
*offers an apple pie* owo
October 22nd, 2011
I could still read it well enough.

.....and seriously Lucas.....just seriously =3=