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My name is Alex and sometimes I draw things.
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Issue 7! Complete! in RECORD TIME because I had to make up for those months I missed. I withdrew from society and stayed indoors like a disgusting goblin while I worked on this one. Oh my god I need to go outside and exercise, I feel terrible.

But I'm soooo satisfied to have it done. Really hope you guys enjoyed it :)


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Whoever's in that truck, Captain Planet's coming to kick their ass.
Zeke...You're a precious angel. But this is WAR, son!
Diane and Mia getting ass-whomped was the hardest thing I've ever had to draw. Ooh eee ouchie, my soul.
Yeah they're just secretaries, don't worry about it.
Zeke plays by the rules and assumes the best in people, but Sergio KNEW Bossbutt wasn't gonna play fair and cheated him right back. Does it count as cheating if you cheat a cheater? Eh, Serj has been doing this crap too long to give a damn.
Violence AND fart jokes in one page? Oh boy!
99% of the world's problems summed up in the last panel tbh
Chopping fingers off is bad enough, but using Shuffles for emotional manipulation? YOU MONSTER!
Sometimes it pays to be shaped like Slenderman.
Drawing panel 2 gave me diabetes.
@inubasket: Thank yooou! <3 i've been working hard to make up for the hiatus and catch up to where I should be.
Someone get these kids a hug and a beach, ASAP!
Hey Sergio, take us outta here!
There's no one more trustworthy than a fast-talking dude chain-smoking in a shady old trailer!
Remember when Raul was mentioned back in like...issue 4? Me either. But here he is, finally being relevant!
@Mazed: I'm sorry! :( I'm currently working on a spiritual successor to FTR in novel form. It's actually a bunch of short stories that fit together in a "novel". Can't say when it'll be done. I've been struggling with severe health issues for a couple years now that make it hard to keep up with things.

My wrist is in such bad shape I can't draw in this style anymore. It's too tedious. My other comic, Million Mile Crew, is drawn in a sloppier but more manageable style. If I were to continue FTR, it would look more like that and I can't imagine people would be happy with the change, nor would it fit the tone.

I'm so sorry to everyone who enjoyed this comic. I hope to have my book series finished by the end of this year, but with the way I am, I just can't make any promises. I'll be updating this page with a link when it's finished.
I swear, Zeke's been taking a sledgehammer to the fourth wall this entire issue...He wants out of this comic right now!
@BeretCat: These are amazing ideas! As for the blood sample, I think the vaccine will need a lot more than blood. She'll probably have to spend an extended time in a lab and Bossman is NOT going to be okay with that.

"If he died, it's likely someone worse would take over" now there's a thought! Obviously Jadyn is the first candidate, but if she wants nothing to do with it...yeah, things might get chaotic as other rich assholes fight over the position.
You could give Jadyn back to her tyrannical father, knowing she'd most likely kill herself. Or you could keep her and rid the world of an apocalyptic disease while your friends are chopped limb from limb.

On one hand, Jadyn is a stranger and your friends are friends. On the other hand, your friends are military agents and they knew what they were getting into when they signed up. Keeping Jadyn away from Bossman is definitely for the "greater good", but man...knowing your loved ones are being hacked up by a maniac all the while?

Poor Zeke's at a heavy crossroads. What would you do?