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My name is Alex and sometimes I draw things.
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@inubasket: (sorry for late reply) I hope I can deliver!
Only the hardest rappers collect hentai and use foul language like "heck".
Aww come on, Jadyn! Helen Keller managed!
@BeretCat: We will see! :)
Disclaimer: This is not legit sign language. Sergio has no means to learn ASL so he's developed his own version. Unfortunately that means the only ones who can understand him are those closest to him...
Natasha didn't need those inoculations. She's been bitten by every snake, every scorpion, every rodent, and she's eaten a lifetime of nasty old roadkill. Her immune system is like a thousand-man firing squad.
My mysterious medical condition had me feeling pretty abysmal today, but I powered through it to do this page. I feel you right here, Serj.
Sergio fully intends to get swole enough to punch through the walls and beat Nick's ass. Look at that determination!
Prison is no place for a skinny doormat with anxiety.
On tonight's episode of COPS...
Welcome to the Society, where the trucks are enormous and the signs are foreboding!
You know, even the moon has a dark side...
The goodest and purest force has been with Jadyn all along.
I'm of course talking about Shuffles.
Bossman's been knocked on his ass, punched in the face, and zapped with a cattle prod these last couple days. Not to mention his casino's been destroyed and his daughter's been kidnapped. Get the man a drink!
He's grounded, she's grounded, and you're grounded! Everyone's freakin' grounded, now go to your rooms!
@inubasket: Oh jeez, I'm so sorry! That sounds really awful. Agreed, it's bullshit and it makes no sense. :(

I'm really glad to still have you reading, it's always a pleasure to see your name in my inbox. <3
Would little old Juanita throw down with a 400 pound dude?
Yes. And she'd win.
Life at the Society HQ isn't as glamorous as Jadyn hoped. But with Federation agents prowling around to capture her, maybe she won't be there too long after all...


On a personal note: Back in April, I woke up one morning and my heart decided it didn't want to work properly anymore. I'm in my late 20's, thin, exercise daily, no history of medical problems...Basically the last person you'd expect to have a heart issue. Now it's July and doctors still don't know what's causing it.

I haven't really been able to function normally since. I was completely bedridden for over a month with wonky blood pressure and a pulse that refused to go below 90. Now I'm out of bed but still pretty much housebound. They put me on medicine that makes me feel like crap most of the time, it's really up and down. I'm having even more medical testing done soon so...idk maybe I'll get some answers.

Only now have I felt well enough to start doing comics again. For a while there, I couldn't even look at screens and my vision was super blurry. I couldn't sit up without my blood pressure going insane for no reason. We'll see where I'm at later, but for now thank you for your patience with me. I really missed doing this comic! I have the next several issues drafted and I can't wait to see them through.


Issue 7! Complete! in RECORD TIME because I had to make up for those months I missed. I withdrew from society and stayed indoors like a disgusting goblin while I worked on this one. Oh my god I need to go outside and exercise, I feel terrible.

But I'm soooo satisfied to have it done. Really hope you guys enjoyed it :)


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Whoever's in that truck, Captain Planet's coming to kick their ass.