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Yesssssss finally kimmy gives in

And Kimmy barely even puts up a fight!
I love the comics about their children so much!!! 💖💖
Out of curiosity, will there be a comic or a part of this comic dedicated to JonahxEvan? I'd really like to see how they get along some more!
Jean is officially my favourite!
To all those commenting about Gannet's smoking: ITS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER GUYS....
I love this comic soooooo much <3
I ship them so hard tho &#128156;
Love Alex's grown out hair!
Also lol poor Jordie
April 7th, 2016
Just became a patron on Patreon and the amount of references you have is amazing! It really helps me because I've been stuck trying to think of what to draw for a future webcomic myself!
Thank you for posting all of that stuff!!
I just want to give them both a hug. They both seem so broken in this page.
What D:
Nooooo Caleb </3
Poor baby!
I so hope Pablo comes back and they can work things out :c
They're my favourite characters!
@Quadrant: pretty much exactly what I thought loool
On the bright side, gray is easier to dye?
I love this comic because Daniel just becomes a full-blown sociopath, and for some reason, it makes me like him more too...
Flan's dad is bae, and also an amazing dad xD
Nooooooooo poor Flanny-baby :c
What are his shoooes?
January 27th, 2016
Idk. I feel like the blond haired dude (Rafa, was it?) is full of crap for some reason.
I hope ponytail dude becomes an important side characte! He's so pretty <3