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Yes! I'm finally caught up again!!!
I think it makes total sense that Sonic is still a virgin here. He's always running around I don't think he worries about sex.
OMG I GOT MENTIONED BY THE AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Really love where you're going with the comic. And I could kind of tell that this was a flashback.
Oh Tails, you work so hard. I don't even know where he finds the time. Maybe he goes out and does it in between updates. That would actually make a lot sense, since there's so much time between them. lol Enjoy!
Yes it's in the full song.
I'm Back!
I'm back with a new issue, after more than a year. I look forward to updating more often. Enjoy.
Either way, it's good to see something new from you. You had been using those other bubbles for like years haha
I'm glad to see you're using different speech bubbles. I plan on updating sometime soon, so be on the lookout.
Why's Eggman quoting the scrubs theme song?
>kill the snake and make use of his skin
>kill the snake
>win the snake over with your sweet dance moves!
This is awful!
Yeah that would be great. :) thatks
How'd you make that flame effect? Its awesome!
Why not use a custom sprite?
I used I can't remember exactly what I did but I'm sure I could remember if I tried to do it again haha
I got bored and made this. What do you guys think of the effect?
I have made a new comic!