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I just started to read this comic, and I when I read this part I couldn't help, but comment. My friend is a really smart guy like Skye, and I'm like Xin...and well we had to do disect a cat, and well he handed me all the stuff. But I uh...lost it so I stole it from someone else xD. We had just about the same conversation too, but he made me give it back to the other people in the end that's no fun ^^
THIS PAGE IS BEAUTIFUL! ^^ aw it's cute -hugs the twins- To bad my only twin characters are one boy and one girl... ^^
yay cool guy on page thingy xD
Poor Quinn I understand what he feels lol -cough- I live in teh shadow of my sister <3
SHOT! Ugh Suspense -dies-
AH! -tackles Faolan- DON'T BE TAKEN AWAY!!! O.O oh now I just pushed in in the water... -looks around- Um.... IT WAS HIM! -points finger at Quinn.
lol of course never forget Vegas or LA or NewYork UGH I CAN'T WAIT!
lol me and my friends are going to Across the the US and from FL to Canada(sp) this summer. It's our own graduation presents to each other, since we've all been friends since I moved here in the 6th grade ^^
It's wonderful! o0o Ireland! AH I WANNA GO THERE XD
lol yep, I grew up with my got to the point where we saw each other everyday and for hours and hours at a time...but now we all live in different states heh wouldn't ya figure...
Lol not a lame intro! We all think that we will be together forever with the people we grow up with xD
Aw they're so cute!
December 29th, 2006
Ah! We will miss you! I just started to read the comic and fell in love ^^