Yo! I just like to doodle comics and read them. :D
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@Ragnes: Haha, i know :''D
Wow okay a day late but yesterday was midsummer eve and i didn't have the time to use my laptop. But here it is.
@Ragnes: He grew up too quickly...
Joakim looks like another character. I'm too used to his current day hairstyle lol...
prepare for the flashbacks...
@Ragnes: Who needs dudes when he has gorgeous gf...
Wow... i hope the "quality" of these pages will go up once I finally finish P5... But yeah, had my first job-day today and I definitely won't be updating on wednesdays. I'm dead tired when I get back home so twice a week will have to do :/
@Ragnes: Who, Syrene? :'D
@Shin: Thank you! :D
So I have job for the whole summer and basically 8h+ days so I may upload only Mon/Fri until the end of August when I'm free again.
@Ragnes: Syrene had the worst ideas :^D

@Shin: me too...

@Vanilla The Witch: (my plan is working hahahaa) :'D

@Pouria: New pages are finally in! :D
Ok, I am back! Like a lot later than what i promised but at least this time i had a valid excuse (surprise trip to England and getting sick right after i got back). But yeah, here's the new chapter finally. Also, reason why this cover looks like dogshit is because IT'S TOO DAMN HOT. Seriously i can barely hold the tablet pen because my hands get so sweaty. So yeah I'll re-do the cover when it gets a little colder so I can actually draw properly again.
@Ragnes: Maybe it will only take five years or so to get her named as well.

@*Kuroneko*: I know, he should catch a break but treating him like this is too much fun... D:
Very quick extra comic. Sadly I didn't have time to draw the other one. See you guys with the next chapter in 1-2 weeks then!
@Guest: it's okay, i am too.

@Briar Stone: Maybe she'll be less dense in the future... or maybe not. :'D
Okay, chapter 6 ends here. I usually take a week long break so I have enough time to sketch the next chapter, but I'm most likely gonna be away next week, so don't be surprised if the break is two weeks long before I start the next chapter. Well that being said I do try to make 1-2 extra comic pages after this chapter too to upload next Monday, but it's gonna be silence after that.
@Ragnes: Can't be dere with sister ever.

@SoulRaider116: So basically Joakim is doomed no matter what :'D
Finally, a proper picture of Viva's true love interest - T-BoneR.
April 28th, 2017
Idk why but everytime there's even a few pages without Milo I keep missing (drawing) him like crazy.
Damn, Antonio is so dreamy...! :D