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Otherwise known as cosmicPostman.
RoahmMythril. He did the MM4 fortress stages a while back, and he usually comes up with good information on how the boss functions.
@hippo986: ...Dragons don't lie! (Unless I'm secretly a dragon and I'm lying about this).
Wow, this guy is the literal interpretaion of 'douche'. He's right there in the dictionary.

As an aside, the spelling of the attack is 'Venoshock'. No 'c'. Just wanted to let you know!
Clearly, the sign of evil was his Red Ring of Satan.

Or Stan. I get those mixed up.
I have this really weird vision of Tyton and Maxie skipping down the road now. Rorsach would have a field day.
@The_mad_one: Heh, consider me thoroughly chastised.
You have NOT redeemed all of your shamefulness.

Mad Shame = 0
Dj Shame = -1
I'd think of ideas, but I know how I'd feel if people began suggesting stuff. Though, I do love the spontaneous way this comic updates and totally believe that you won't let this comic die.

See you when you next update, whenever that may be.
Why do I get the feeling Bass is going to hate this place..?
He's going to lose because of that 4HP now.
I really hope this is the final run of the stage... otherwise, you're going to have a hell of a job making your way across broken rainbow platforms...
Safari zone guy... just sits there. Doing nothing at all.
Called it.
I'm loving the new comic, keep it up!

I'm intrigued as to the nature of the 'starting' process in the Tychos region... Looks to be interesting.
Hm. Anyone else feel like someone ominous is giving her that hat?
February 26th, 2014
.......All the springs. Suprisingly, I'd say that this is STILL better than Wild Coil.

What's it called? Spring Form? Ka-Spring Beam? Ooh! Spring Ding!
Wily: Was it you that programmed Shadow Man to tally cool points? If so, why?
February 13th, 2014
@The_mad_one: I found another one - Toad Man, page 7.