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@The_Hankerchief: There's Pancake the Horse? O_O Where?!?

lol sorry for the late reply but I hope you've had your breakfast already by now :D I really appreciate your comments. They make me want to work on this comic more <3
You may be wondering what does a name Waffle have to do with a Fantasy genre.

Eon was inspired from Guild Wars Role Plays (RP) with friends within our guild. In Guild Wars, a ranger can tame any animals (much like hunters in WoW). I played Guild Wars without the intention of RPing. So when I picked a pet for Ran (the hunter/ranger in this story), I picked the most adorable pet possible - a bear.

I tamed the bear in game and named him Waffle because I thought it was a cute name. A year later, I discovered ingame RPing in Guild Wars. Waffle has become attached to me so I never got rid of him even though Ran's RP personality doesn't really fit well with the pet name he's fighting around with.

So I got my little monk Dani and made up a story that she named him Waffle when she met Ran..much to Ran's disapproval but he could not do anything about it. Despite this huge personality mismatch between the adorable fat bear and his master, Waffle became popular with the guild. He balanced Ran's serious personality very well. Waffle even got a mini story of his own, written by my guild mate Phoenix.

So yes, that's how Waffle came into being in the original RPs.
Status Updates
I'll be back. I promise. I will try my hardest to finish this story so you guys can someday meet the Clever Stranger...

I want to be able to produce pages at a quicker pace this time so I am experimenting with styles and just pacing myself for now (this pic is one of the styles I have been practicing on). Maybe make a few buffer pages before I also go back to my regular updates.

But Eon will continue. Thanks for your patience and support so far. <3
@The_Hankerchief: Thanks Hankee *hug* Your support means more to me than I can express. Yeah, I am kind of in a rut lately , not just with art, but with life. But I am starting to feel better hopefully
No excuses. I know I should have a page up by now.

I have been all over the place lately, with the recent move and all, our bills have piled up so I got to sit back and take commissions for extra money.

Moreso, the way I paint has changed ever since the last time I uploaded a page, so the next ones might look different.

Anyhow, here's a teaser of the next character that I am going to introduce after a page or two. I'll be in a brief hiatus and will resume in 2012 (Jan/Feb)

Thanks for your support so far! And I apologize for the delay.

Happy Holidays!
Been super busy these last few months with RL and all. This is certainly one of those pages that I will re-do someday because it looks horribly rushed.

But the story has to go on! <3
@Skitothebo: Thank you. I am working on the next page right now. Sorry if I am slow but as promised, I'll put one up in November ^^
Happy Halloween from Eon! Next page will be up next month as planned!

This is actually my entry for the Guild Wars Halloween 2011 contest which features our guild members - some of the characters in this picture are actually the Guild Wars version of the characters in the comic.

Also check out the new Commissions tab :)
My SINCERE apologies for not uploading a new page this month. I am currently working on my contest entry for the Guild Wars Halloween Contest and have been taking care of purchasing a new house and what not.

For now, I hope you enjoy the latest concept artwork I made for Eon. (I had this finished weeks ago).

This is Roma - one of the future characters who will be appearing in this comic. I don't know if I need to explain what she is like, I'll let the artwork speak for itself :)

Next page will be bigger than the last two - 7 panels! Hopefully that will make up for it.

Thank you very much for your support so far!
September 13th, 2011
That is pretty badass and professional looking!
@Glueckskeks: Thanks! Yeah I guess we'll find out in the next page ;)
@The_mad_one: lol yeah you're right. I could've extended the arrow even more or made it narrower oh well haha
Your comics are awesome. It makes me feel like I am watching a cartoon in Cartoon Central. Looks very professional
@DracoMan: Thanks! Love your avatar seems to fit your comment XD New page will be up on Sept 1st :)
@mr_minister: Thank you! New page should be up in 8 days :)
@otomo: Haha yeah you did forget to login and I got the notification about your reply as well. Awesome! Thanks so much.
@otomo: You're welcome! Let me know if you got a notification on this comment. Just testing out SJs new feature :)
Here's page 6. Enjoy. Comments are welcome.
Been busy these days but still on time. I hope you guys like it anyhow despite the slowness of my updates.

I really appreciate all your support. *hug*
Pardon the extra crappy last two panels..I started having an art block while working it >_<