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Woah woah woah
Seeing Chip and Louie as human is so weird and interesting and I love this page and wow
It's the character in your avatar! :0
Oh man, I know in panel 4 the woman is supposed to look angry and menacing, but with those long eyelashes, she just looks really ridiculous lol
I randomly decided to go through my webcom bookmarks, and saw this on the list. The link I had was dead, and I just decided to search because "why not" and OH MY GOSH!
I'm so excited to see it's been updated! In 2019, no less! lol wow wow wow
I'm looking forward to what's ahead, and I'm glad excitement and happiness has been rekindled for you too! <3
Oh man, I bet it's gonna be tough for Chip to hear - too bad Ellis isn't there for support, but I guess there are some things one needs to discover about themselves alone :'(
Also, y'all made the 6th anni pic the cover! So cute!
Oh my gosh, lookit the two adorable bebs front and center! >w<
Also!! 6 years, that's so awesome! I'm happy you guys have had such success with this comic, and I'm glad to be a fan! <3
They left Richard alone at the restaurant! I forgot lol
Oh, and Greg too. What caught on fire since then?
What did you do?? lol
Ah I missed these two ;a; excited for this chapter!
Ok, but... they've been out a class for a while now though.
Haha, I'm such a buzzkill, sorry, but that was my first thought LOL
And yeah, okay, Wyatt, "one time"
Now, more than ever, I'm in awe of the skill it takes to run a restaurant with only 4 people... omg
I'm in love with the style of this comic <3
Also, did she hang her coat on Alfonso's head? lol
I love the chalky (?) texture of this page. Makes it all the more ominous
Ya done goofed, kid
@M-24: lol I know right? But I love it haha
The height of Lasse's eyebrows in the first panel represent the level of his sarcasm lol
(This comment was a lot funnier in my head haha)
January 18th, 2017
Having your own tea stash is a crucial part of living (for a tea lover).
And yay, I didn't know you were on tapastic too! <3
December 29th, 2016
I don't know if I missed something or not, but I'm curious about what Doug's mom means...
Okay But...
In your back pocket though, Richard?? lol