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That's okay bro, you don't have to be able to tell
Because for once the focus of the strip is not on the pants
It'll happen occasionally, perhaps even more frequently
Someone carryin' a hefty 2x4 out on the streets like that is likely to get jumped, mang. He only takes it out with him if there's a rumble, knawmean

Aw man you know I appreciate that brother, but it's not gonna last for long :(
@Reign of Chaos
Oh my god dude seriously
I can't believe I'm having to take time from making REAL comics to explain this to you
It's like this
This shitty-ass sprite comic has a set of rules it abides by
each comic essentially has the exact same layout
But the real point of it is this
How can you bend the rules?
How can you take what you're given and mix it up?
Because if you haven't been paying attention, it's NOT just about him taking his pants off every time
There's a different set of circumstances within every single comic
Dude you gotta keep up with me
Once you finish high-school you might understand writing better
It's not just about punchlines
@Reign of Chaos
Bro dude I'm sorry
I'm sorry you don't get it
But when you really think about it
It's pretty neat how many directions you can take with a single joke
In a way
That's this comic's gimmick
Without it
There's really not much point to this
It'd just be another sprite comic
I can buy that shit a dime a dozen at the flea market
It's like bags of fertilizer manure
There's tons of the shit but nobody wants it
There's always a plan