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@M-24: lol, no (right I think he's a cutie too!) I was trying to think of ways to give him a bigger role maybe XD
@nighttenjo13: Aw thanks!!!
Cute to Evil in .02 secs XD
Sorry a day late - I realized I needed to re-draw some stuff!

I think Next Post will be Thursday.
@mythz: sorry! it's not the end! I will be updating again starting this week!
@lovegraffiti: I'm so so sorry for any delay! Yes I will be updating - starting this week!
Oh and more peeples! Ash's fan club, I mean Classmates...
Flowers pop up cuz that's what happens when cute ppl are near - or so legends have been told...

Also meet Elliot! I hope people like him as much as I doooo! His hair is hard to draw...
well helloooo there.
Listen, sandwiches are an art form, it's all about the proper layers and keeping moisture away from the bread for the ideal sandwich experience.

Oh right... the comic...Ash finally gets him alone! oooo!
Hey it's peeples! I it's peeples...Ash wanted some alone time
Grumpy Ash is the best Ash <3

Also Sunny bringing his bf lunch <3

I forgot to post this at the end of Chapter 3 -



*runs back* Also check up on this comic tomorrow, just do it! *runs away*
Um, a short "recap" if you will...

Kissy and huggy pages <3
Holy crap guys! I did not mean to take a Hiatus on this! D: Whhaaat happened???

Okay, so this Chapter I actually had started working on before I went on my accidental Hiatus. I actually wanted to complete the whole chapter first before I started posting - but well, you can see how long that took me. So I'm going to post the pages I have so far - and hopefully be responsible to effing post on time! ughh, I'm the worst...

uh Anyways... Enjoy!!
THE END! Sort of...there is more, but it's not done yet so it will be a while for chapter 4 >_>;
And here's some random color pages!!