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yayayay, finally finished a page!
Sunny is always too tall to fit in my own panels...
I smell a fun Date Chapter coming!! XD

Normally I do the last 4 pages in Color, but I guess I'm being overly ambitious and making about 6 pages in color :O
oh shit guys, I've only got 2 pages pre-made left I gotta get on it and make more! ;_;
Oopsy - don't spill the beans!
What is this "flirting"?? How do?
Next new character idea: Another new student but this time a girl that looks like a boy and who's name is....Mike...okay scratch that idea....AN ALIEN! yeah... :P

Oh yes, the page!
Ash, don't be passive aggressive with your boo, just be...super aggressive??
Imagine meeting you here? of all places!?
lol, amateur, I've totally made out with like..everyone XD
The B-Word! oo!
"weird goals" is my middle name!
@M-24: ah, I gotcha! *double finger guns* XD
I don't know why, but I love Ash's face in the first panel. *squeezes cheeks*

Also Ash thinks loosing his touch is his inability to scar ppl off...I don't think he ever had that power XD

Also I wonder if I should start drawing background ppl....*thinks it over*...naw (is lazy)
"Welp, better late than never!" says the person who forgot.

Here's a late night post for your viewing pleasure!

Next post will be Tuesday!
@M-24: lol, no (right I think he's a cutie too!) I was trying to think of ways to give him a bigger role maybe XD
@nighttenjo13: Aw thanks!!!
Cute to Evil in .02 secs XD
Sorry a day late - I realized I needed to re-draw some stuff!

I think Next Post will be Thursday.