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November 21st, 2011
Despite all this I am still slightly in love with Atticus.

I like de sarcastic negative boiz.
That little face :c
her judgement on when people hit puberty is somewhat off :D
Everybody is all "WTF HE'S COUGHING" ...I grew up around smokers, THEY COUGH MORE THAN NORMAL PEOPLE. Plus it's a freaking fire, it's not like cigarette smoke!
People keep saying he doesn't look very huggable but: He has a knitted jumper, he's not too skinny not too fat, CYNICAL PEOPLE ARE MORE FUN TO BOMBARD WITH AFFECTION!!! Oh and don't forget...he's smokinnnnn~
@Kenno Arkkan: I love Mikumiku... Favourite track would have to be Rolling Girl 8D

PS I wish my art was as good as yours ; u ; HERO^
Sweet jesus I think I recognise all of them. CHOOSE THE SHINIGAMI-SAMA OOONEEE!
At first I thought it was to do with Bo Peep by T-ara
Yajoo o3o
She looks like a real baby ; u ;
To be honest that would have destroyed my brain and I'm female.
The way you draw behinds. My gosh. I feel ashamed. Hers is rather fine O__O
Omg I jsut read this whole comic and AHHHHHH, totally not what I expected!!!

Already in love with you, for reals <3
God I am in love with Atticus, I LOVE MY BAD BOIS HEY. My dad had big sideburns when he was 14, he also smoked at that age I think. *_*
Lololol, a friend of mine said "cunt" really loudly in a restaurant like, 2 weeks ago. luckily only a couple of people walking by heard!
Atticus is just too cute...
I used to go outside a fair bit as a kid, but too many people around and I would have a meltdown after a while.

I don't go outside enough now, that's why I'm so utterly pale.