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Cosplayers r the best ppl in the world!!
Free hugs 2 any1 whos awesome
I love reading manja
Anime is my best friend :3
And Most of all i HATE Rebecca Black :D
You can find my dsi acount at and be a fan there 2 :)
yeah i suck at drawing but trying 2 b better at it
HATERS r not awesome ppl
I love punching people 4 no reason :D guess its just normal?!?!?!?!
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Dance of the man whore
I'm sorry I can just imagine them dancing to it....I wanna see that in a page now D:
November 8th, 2011
.....Dead body...
OMG OMG OMG OMG....Is a dead body gunna be in 'dere?
Like the farmers wife or sumthin?
Yeah, that's meee XD
I got mah hair dyed red XDD
*thumbs up* Glad 2 be acknowledged of my awesomeness XD
August 2nd, 2011
Luke why you gotta be so mean??
August 2nd, 2011
omg cow....and eviiillll chickens :3

Best. Page. Evah.
Aww poor him :C
Ok this is a "I'm sorry" gift for not posting for 3 months DX
anyway im really sorry
Anyway im back from vacation and im going to be posting (hopefully) a LOT more often :)
July 22nd, 2011
Enjoy your trip to Brussels :)
I love this picture btw
July 21st, 2011
...Is he Rasputin gunna like kiss him and make him shut up???????????
pwease let that b whats gunna happen...
She will like so be happy and not angry.... I KNOW IT....i think...
what that's the end???
there should be a sequel to this!!
like when their older (or sumthin) an they didnt work out to well now ... BUT one or the other still likes the other and they take charge ... sorry if immma complaining to much...but i really love this comic an dont wanna see it end ...
lol imma sorry but this is a pointless comment ... but i love the cereal bowl in the last frame ... poor frowny face bowl T.T
June 18th, 2011
Shink .... poor minor characters
Teehee pink pajama's XD
Happy (belated( birthday!
nice page love it :3
Aw little Kaden :3
And like his dad looks super hawt in this >:3
nice loving siblin relationship ;)
but they do act nicer than my sister and i act like together >:(
lol Lune you need to cover up that neck like NOW if you wanna keep that a secret :3
is someone getting jealous?!?!?!!?
Oooooohhhhhhhhh :3