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"I want a Hoagie."

Best line right there. His face in that panel makes it complete.

As for friends, I'm going to have to go with Mel. The explanation is complicated.
There when you least expect it, Cameron the Photographer. At least Gabby and Ty always showed up in predictable, reasonable places.
Hi. New reader. Found the comic yesterday. Stayed up until 2 AM reading it. Obviously, I enjoyed it immensely. :3 It's also been interesting comparing the different art styles you've had throughout the story.

The natural continuation for that conversation feels like:
Aiden: ...Okay. But, it's the last day of school. Do you want to hang out? (or some equivalent)
The only reason I'm thinking this is, back in the earlier chapters, after he finished flirting, he did wonder why she was being so quiet. He's not going to put much energy into it, but he is going to do something towards maintaining their friendship.