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Hi I'm Kaye. I live in the U.S.A., i spend most of class doodling, and am a huge yaoi fan. dunbe a hater.
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i think they're all cute. lol 'guh' XD
summer vacay love
even if its two days after two days late, this just made my week! so now that school is out, i can dedicate all my time to loving you and your work. and of course watching my fav movie as im doing now. National Treasure. ash is such a cute little hurt emo. aiden is so accidentally mean. D: ash just telll him why that upset you. the world will not end. ilu so so so much!
crap hate hiatuses. wtf is a hiatus anyway? i just know people stop updating
XD yes!!! updates! i thought you were gonna discontinue it D:
my first (and only)time drinking went the same way. lol. andd what did we learn? poor little me only needs like half a bottle to get drunk DX. Aiden is SO like my cousin who pranked me that time. ps im 14 XD my first drink was on my 14 birthday. oh some people XD. and i love how everyone tells their alcoholic stories. XD love this page
his hair is sooooo big that he look like a dandelion person
is he druuuuunk?
lol "bitch you get the bill"
tickle rape!!! lol shyness. eric is so uke he makes care bears look like semes
April 27th, 2011
ooo! there should be a hot make out scene with the broken boy!!! maybe i should do something stupid like that, maybe ill find a hot dude
ME- omFg so cute >////<

Rina- *nosebleed*
toki- omg r u ok?
mac- guess i can stay <333 *blows kiss at rina*
rina- *thinking*i can give toki "the talk" later. must cuddle mac NAOOO!!!!
April 20th, 2011
correct me if im wrong, but isn't it spelled "ma'am"? i remember cuz it really bugged me in fifth grade.(dont ask looooong story)