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um..... to sum up everything about me in 1 word: yaoi :3
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And here you go~
Hey Guys, here is page 20! I now there's not much to see but.... well its not too much. I have another page that should be up Sunday. Promise. Kaoru and I are busy with our personal lives but trust me you guys, this just means our family is getting bigger ^^.

In the meantime, enjoy this week of updates!
And Tono is Back!
Woo okay I have time!!!!!

Hey guys, Tono here and now this is MY turn for a random fact.

Fun Fact: Sin is a character I love to torture. Shouldn't be any surprise but he is. AND HE'S NOT EVEN MINE!! The majority of the plots that happen in his versions, ie his lives, are done so I can have a cheap laugh at him.

So In a way, I would have to say that a good 80% of the plots that are comical, or serious revolve around Sin in some way. He is a good source of entertainment in my life. Often times I ask something to Kaoru and say "how does Sin react to this happening?" Then it branches off into other characters that work well with said story but never really involve him. So Thank you SIn you are our punching bag.

(even though the artist always need references for your face)

But be on the look out! We are close to spamming you all with pages and you will love them!!

with that, Tono out!
Contest (continued)
Okay, about the contest yeah we are having it, noyou can't join 50 (limit 3), and no, you cannot havea giant bagel as a prize (believe me, i've tried -x- )

Anyway, what Silver means to say is that the contest starts on Tuesday August 20th! not 13th (she tired) yeah, winner still get our silly prizes.

More Rules:
-once somethings submitted, its ours. you can't re-renter the same thing even if its fixed.
-please keep language PG-13: meaning no death, no cussing ('crap' and 'dammit' are okay if used properly) and no sex (you submit one with sex it will be disqualified and no, you can't have it back >3)
-please keep pictures PG-13 or lower: no sex, no drugs, no blood, no graphic nudity (if kept tasteful you should be fine) and no sex (you submit one with sex it will be disqualified and no, you can't have it back >3)

eh....... so, around Halloween (meh berfdah~!) we'll announce teh winnas.

til then, enter, have fun, get more people to enter so you can win and remember, bribes are welcome but they more than likely won't help you win but it can't harm you in anyway~
cuuuute~! >w< i knew this would be a good webcomic when i saw it~! (1st)
September 12th, 2011
............*spurts blood from nose* that was better than i thought...
Hey all~! sorry no actual webcomic page this week (*coughkaorucough*) but we decided to put a li'l omakes every so often(aka when we come up with the most random crap)

Anywho, we thought this would be a good/funny way to introduce Roger = Daddy. Trust me, you won't see him now but later on, he'll be a major part of the story. (and no, he's not as big a nerd as he seems. he's actually cool)

So enjoy until we get a page up and as always Review or get more fans to boost our morale.


Story behind this (if you wanna know): Kaoru and i were skype-ing and we go to talking about cosplaying and how kazu IS the force (seriously, he can ASK and take over the universe) and that because of (SPOILER SENSOR!!), that Sin was Luke and Roger would be Darth Vader. and i, Imitating Roger, said "Sin, I am your father!" thus sending Kaoru into a laughing fit, thus us wanting to make this for you guys.
WE ARE SOOOO SORRYY!! We know its been 2 weeks since our last update. (beleive me, we felt terrible) But with our schedules (my entering my last term and preparing for finals and Kaoru's new job plus aaaaaall sorts of stress on the two of us we barely had time to eat let alone get this done. But now that everthing's calm(ish) we can start getting pages done. So please, if it takes awhile for an update expect at least a note while we adjust to our new routines.

and about the page.... Yeah, we both decided to try something new (me adding more text and kaoru derping around with her drawing) and we hope you like it

PS: there's a hidden treat in here. the first (if any cuz even i didnt see it at first) to see it and comment on it will get a prize (to be determned) But... yeah. please enjoy more of the Sin and Kazu Love-Love~!!
August 6th, 2011
Sooo cute~~
Next page~
Look at you guys, 2 updates in a row? Geez, we must love you guys soo much. So, show us how much you guys love this comic. Comment, make fan art, cuz you guys rock and we wanna know just how much~~!!
NUUUU!!!!!! TTATT epically sad face!! please make more!! we needs the pika.....
Okay, so page 14 is up!!!
*tries to use force powers* There is no need to worry. Everything is fine.....
XD spread the word of kazu's cuteness~
Yeah.... i got nothing interesting today... except yay 20 fans!!!!!
>w< Ichi-kun sooo cute!!! i wanna keep him! love this story!!!
awww~!!! >w< can i make an avie outta the cute pic of makoto?
>~<sorry its late guys!! I spent all day Sunday studying and lost track of time! T^T dun hate me. but yesh.... soory if a few of my edits are bad..... my pen for my tablet broke so.... pffft.
>w< And you asked for it! Sin takes the lil guy home!
0o0 page 10?!
Honestly, I didn't think we'd have 13 fans by page 10. 6-6 I thought we'd have like.... 6.

ANYWAY~! Now we're looking a li'l bit more into Sin's character. (Though i think the story is aaaall Kazushi and Sin's the romantic interest) But again, we hope you guys like it and hopefully soon we can get a special treat for all of you. (No idea what but then again that's why I need caffeine to get ideas and silvererros to agree on the least insane one.)
Yeah........ this is a very quiet page ^^;;