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Im a college student studying microbiology and immunology, once upon a time I was going to study fashion illustration. Im still learning fashion design and working towards my art certificate though, cuz I love art.
I love comics, video games and tv shows. Im a fan of scifi, supernatural and fantasy stuff.
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great page A+++++++
the fears?
The Four Fears? I think I only just now made the connection. I wonder who they are, and whats going on here.
(Cuz theres defiantly a reason those speech bubbles are there in the corner.)
December 22nd, 2011
I can see why...
@Bell: Incentive? Does that mean theres voting?
I just think i was to late cuz im just reading the comic now... I THOUGHT SHE WAS SUSPICIOUS. I KNEW SHE WAS A DEMON.