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XD special thanks hahaha~
@Confused: then i'm excited XD

yeah, i know, creepy stuff are cool XD
epp, those kinds of stuff... are creapy .__o
@Confused: same, it's epicness XDDDD
awesome white out madness XD (joke, awesome story so far)
doodles would be fine ^_^ and sketches and etc. i hope it would be the twisted, bloody, gore-ish, cute sketches/doodles/fillers etc. XD
@nozomus15: akala ko sasabihin mo, Ganda ni Lean pag naka talikod XD
what software do you use in making your manga? does it cost a lot of money? (love your style by the way XD)
she IS dead!? does this mean that she's been haunting him O_O
sama ni yusuke XD, haha, ganado talaga background nito XD
the exact same thing happens to me! oh mai gosh XD
nice pose yu-fake
XD hahaha poor jun, and they believed her
awesome page, and you will get the Vampire knight comment ALOT... it's just that somehow, Eric's character has a lot of resemblance to Zero's character (in a sense) hmm, but i think this story has a much better plot, nonetheless, i think you should check your typo... *just by sucking won't turn "my" into a vamp"... but if it's too much work to replace, then I shall ignore it.
well, lesson learned, never approach a blood lusting vampire dude, even if he's hot.
I hope something cool happens in the next page... ^__^ (I have a question, what program do you use in making your manga?)
Tianna is full of bad luck... i think it would be Tim? i dunno but still loving the plot.
Cheap tablet
may mga cheap lang na pentablet na maganda yung quality sa cd-r king, hindi sya ganun ka cheap, pero cheaper sya compared sa genius or ibang brand ng tablet...

gusto ko mag donate, pero, teenager palang ako, so walang credit card.
pwede maki colaboration, more on coloring ako though, pero masipag ako... kung hindi puyat sa mga summer classes... nice.