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I like walnuts
I like the penciling. The shading with pencils looks great! I like this new rendition so keep up the great work!
I like this approach. The pencil shading really works for this comic so I'm glad you're going back to add in some more personal touches.
Oooo I like the slight coloring in the eyes as well as the shading with the hair. I see what you mean by the periodic table. LOL since I was talking to you on AIM about the page I was on a look out for it.
This technique looks pretty good in your style! Keep it up!
Great work so far! I love your coloring style. Please keep going with this!
Owww TAT Kyuu! I hope you get better!!! This looks bad!!
Haha holy crap. I like the effects you have going with her eye changing color like that. Looks like things are going to change very soon for Chaiya!
Haha but it's CUTE!! That's the point, yes?
I really like that last panel! Story is definitely building up!!
LOL holy cow Liaka is so PINK!!!
Hey this is going pretty good so far. I really like their conversations with one another. It shows that they have really good chemistry. Keep it up and don't burn yourself out!
Happy Birthday!!
Awesome KyuuNeko!! Tanjoubi Omedeto Chaiya!!!
Oh wow! This sounds like a great idea! I'm going to try my best to get into this contest fo'sho!
I agree with video_gamegurl! Something to be jealous of. Your artwork looks so professional! I like the story so far. Love how you draw the body, your uses of lines and well done with the screentones. Beautiful story so far. You've brilliantly captured the emotion with what happens in an issue like this.
I like the story so far, please continue!
April 12th, 2009
It's a good read so far Celia! I want to see what happens when Michael meets her son.