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An artist interested in the comic venture.

We will see how this goes.
@Rori Oh, Thank goodness! This really is one of the highlights of my day, and I am more than overjoyed about it! Congratulations on your success with this challenge and thank you for sharing your work here on SmackJeeves! :)
... it occurs to me, you are 15 pages out of your year... you aren't going to stop are you? I would miss these updates really really really bad.
November 3rd, 2011
Your comics are always worth the wait.

Also, I have been meaning to say this for a while but this song makes me think of this comic every time I hear it.
I'm with your hubby on this one. I am definitely more of a Coffee person.
As much as I enjoy this comic and would never complain if you updated more often, I will say that you should take your time. If you don't feel well you shouldn't push yourself. People can wait. We do appreciate your time and effort. :D I look forward to your next update with bated breath.
= w = ehehe
I could /not/ stop laughing right after I saw this. It was a good 5 minutes before I calmed down enough. <3 Atty's expression=PRICELESS
My best friend's cat only loves me when it is convenient for her. She is also a dick. I have this theory that cats are the worst kind of dicks, since they don't really need us, they are just using us for body heat and easy food. > _ >