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Hey thar!
I'm Rae, and I'm an artist and a writer. I love to make stories, and have a complete obsession with music. I am indeed a cosplayer. I'm most commonly a BL writer. I don't have a tablet at this time, so I can't upload any of my comics - but one day... xD
See you then!
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Just commented but Ima do it again... THE ADORABLENESS.

I will die! Hmm...the plot seems serious and ominous though. What evilness is coming? >D
AHH GOD. I want one of those dolls. D< I've been trying to get one for a year now. So poor ; A ; It's amazing that you painted / styled them yourself. o.o

Sorry, had to. BUT, I absolutely adore your story. The style is amazing - my friends always tell me not to make them look so skinny, but it looks completely natural here. The shading is great, and dear god I love the way you draw eyes. XD I can't wait to read the rest. :3 (Please ignore how fangirly that sounds. The awesomeness just wound me up. Did I mention I love anything orpheus? But you just blew it away.) lol
Found this comic, just read everything. Damnit, why don't games like this exist?! D<

The story is so cute and action-packed >D Your art is awesome enough to be professional, too. Well drawn, flows nice. :3 Can't wait to read more. ^^
LOL. Smooth. Real smooth. XD I can't wait to read the rest... lol
I've had your comic in my faves for months, but I completely forgot about reading it. I feel so horrible, because I was missing out on awesomeness. T^T Your art is great, and woooow that car~ It's just epic. Almost real! And sorry to hear about your hand. If I couldn't draw, I would've paniced and maybe killed someone D'8
August 15th, 2011
Ahhhh that's amazing, I love it. I love how you did her mouth, that tongue is simply grotesque~ And those guts! You just might have a talent for this. =w= ~<3
My man senses are tingling.
Oh shit, it's Spiderman. xD
I love how you draw your blood spatter~
So the brother's gonna get with the sister? xD Awesome.
Your comic is great, btw.
Your drawings are simply fabulous, and I love it when the plot thickens. 8D
>D His blank expression~
For going back and fixing it a lot, it seems to have turned out really nice.
It's so grotesque~ I looove it *w*
Ffffffft omg
New page D8 lol
+Fav :>
I love her face in the last panel. I was all like "Epic mood" and then she's just...nope. xD <3
I like your comic so far, found it today~ She's a little vain, though. =^=;;
Oh yes you were. ;D lmao Run you run away that fast, I'm pretty sure everyone knows you're thinking something weird...xD
BANZAI! I love how you put random stuff in your comics, like little easter eggs. 8D "LOL room" for example xD
I want a "how to make a pipebomb" class ಠ_ಠ
That's bitchin 8D Your comic is nicely done so far~ I love their expressions. ^^
FUCK YEA! >D Sooo faving this. Walking Dead For the effing win! <3
xD I love how females in animes / manga always grope each other. We don't do that IRL. At least, not on purpose, and not kindly. >_> lol
I thought he was a boy. But I kinda hoped it was a girl. =w= xD Make things more interesting. lmao