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i think Takashi has completely lost sight of his original bdsm goals ;P not that i can blame him :3c
I'd say it's pretty accurate. ;P

Though I would still look up references if you can find them.
"your knot work is loose, it's all unbalanced, and the handcuffs go on last!"
January 19th, 2015
oh wow, that fourth panel is soooo pretty
If I were to make only one comment contribution to this comic, then I am glad it is this.


That is all. You're welcome.

(I am mostly kidding, but just that imagined image is great.)
I bet hot dad has a secret stash of tamogatchi in his closet.
ahhhhhh you finished it!! ^o^
Oh well hello there Mr. Father~~
Aaaahhh this cover is so pretty! uwu
whooaaa there Louis, you aren't even giving this poor boy a chance not to fall for you. what with your face and sassiness. how dare you.
I want to smooch all their faces. /(^3^)\

They may not be fitting, but Ethan or Allen are good names.

(Is it a cop-out if i say all three girls are equally cute? orz)
Yes yay! Triple yay, even!

As for rating I would say go ahead and mark it mature so that you have the freedom to write as you want.

(I could deff go for some more GL <3)
I think you should mix the online game and magical girl ideas. Like have them play a game where all the players create magical girl avatars and go on saving the world/town quests.

As for protags and characters I have a weakness for long hair. :P
(Also maybe someone dark-skinned as a protag instead of just a love interest.)
"you know, you could have just told me i was talking too much" Ah, but Takao, that wouldn't be very sexy now would it. ;P
no no curvy ladies are great! (it's the stereotypes and tropes in most gl that i don't like)
*cough* attack on titan gear *cough*
Just popping up to say that I enjoy GL almost as much as BL! (Because typically GL is written to be aimed at men.....)
New headcannon: Elliot x Elliot-eating Fire
Yes please stay there. There was no need to get down.