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Heya. I'm Ximnoka, the creator of Bayne's Blood. (Though, not the artist...) I'm unsure of when the comic will be up, but hopefully, both Sushi (Rin) and I will be able to upload the pages pretty soon ^^

Um... Not really sure what to say 'bout myself, but I'll make a list of a few things I love.

Writing // Reading // Making videos // Roleplaying // Listening to music // Playing video games

Video game series
Final Fantasy // Kingdom Hearts // Assassin's Creed // Rock Band

Kateikyoushi/Katekyo Hitman Reborn // Hetalia // Kuroshitsuji // Wolf's Rain

Other accounts
DeviantArt: Roxy-kins
YouTube: SakasamaNoChouShoujo
FormSpring: Ximnoka
Gaia: Ximnoka
You have AMAZING timing, Angel! 8D I just now got home from school (I get out at 2) <3 That is, it's amazing timing if the time up there is right...
Either way, I can't wait for moooooore! <3
I vote tunnel of love! 8D
Don't worry, I think of Xemnas too XD
Woah... I'm like... reading this whole entire chapter over and over and over again ;A; Noooooo! Coooooooolt! You're gonna get killed! D8
LOL! XD Oh geeze, poor Kaito~! <3 Ah, but even so, I can't wait to see where this one goes >3
-first time commenting on here, even though I've been watching it for some time now-
-flips out and dies of happiness-
YOU! SUSHI! Yes, you! I frickin' love you! 8D <333333333333333333333
Yes, I know I can make this an Author Comment, but I don't wanna =w=
Sorry for the wait, guys ^^ This was drawn a few days ago and I just finished coloring it. We're still playing around with the layout (more or less), so please bear with us, for the coloring styles may change a bit.