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its the return of the pissed off sun
Team Sonic vs Metal Sonic
This is going to be a good fight
I bet Bass is going to come in and him and metal sonic will have a battle of the ultimates
wonder when bass will show up again
wasnt Air Man the one that woke up the sun?
Sonic would still kick mario's ass
its strang that its sonic and not shadow in the final round, i mean shadow is the ultimate lifeform and always beats sonic in the fights between each other
how did galaxy man get there
if Ballade stinks then why is he still alive
I bet Bowser is going to throw a bomb at Ballade but Ballade will duck and it will hit Bass who is coming through the hole in the wall.
poor wario
hes going to die
you also forgot:
Shadow (Chaos Powers)
Knuckles (How is he so strong?)
Amy (How does she pull a hammer out of nowere?)
King DeDeDe (Same as Amy, and how is his skin blue?)
I wonder what X and Zero look like in 8-bit
20 bucks says that the sun will kill them all
I wonder what megaman has in mind
Now that snakes out the only one left to come back is Proto Man