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August 18th, 2017
@Guest: Yup I'll be updating next week! :)
August 18th, 2017
@Insanely Dead: LOL yes!!
August 18th, 2017
That wraps up chapter 7! This chapter was so hard for me to get through, dialogue is so hard and drawing the same scene for almost 50 pages, regardless of how simple the scene is, is entirely unstimulating. I'm excited to move along *thumbs up*

It's gonna get a little rough so a bit, I hope you guys will bear with me lol
August 12th, 2017
:') :') :')
@princecrow: 😂😂😂 I love this
@Cari: we'll learn what is going through Sooch's head in the next scene! The rest of the story will follow Sooch more closely actually
@Guest: Aw, this makes me really happy and sad at the same time 😂 I mean I totally understand, and I'm not gonna lie this is gonna be a bit of a rough story. But I think the ending will be worth it. Hopefully you will be back to see that some day!
@glassbird: well Sooch isnt interested in dating Howie or giving him a real chance, what's going on right now is Sooch pretty much intends to show Howie that it's impossible for him. So that Howie will be disillusioned.
Someone stop this madness
@Acrazia: oops no that is Howie speaking, sorry if that was unclear!
If you didn't pick up on it by now Sooch isn't really trying to give Howie a real chance, he's just grown impatient with their situation wants his friend back.
Goddammit Howie you're supposed to be the smart one
dialogue is HARD
bad idea 2K17

Also next weeks update will just be one page, I had another busy week:( However my family's move is almost done so I'll have more free time again soon!
@gamerkatie: Aw thank you :) Thanks for reading!!
@Guest: Aw thank you so much! That means a lot to me:) I'm glad you like it!!
@catharsis.jpg: I'm happy you remember the prologue!