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Just wanna apologize in advance for my atrocious handwriting
Happy 4th! Be safe!
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Oh the drama
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@Karma-kun8: No at this point they're just "talking"... kind of
Sleepy boys
And with that we have finished chapter 10!

Also based on some comments I'm getting I just want to say YES this situation is weird but nobody is forcing themselves to do anything... If you recall, Sooch was completely against the idea of being with a man, but Howie's actions have changed his perception. Plus the kiss indicated that maybe love between them isn't impossible because there may an aspect to Sooch's sexuality that he wasn't aware of before. BUT nothing guaranteed at this point. They're just going to go with the flow and see where things go.
@Groku09: I have a weird update schedule lol, I usually update every 6 days because I don't like updating on the same day every week
@Raiu Tempesta: ehh it's not obligation, it's more like Sooch was just really moved by Howie's actions, to the extent that he's no longer completely opposed to the idea of being with a man. Like for the first time Sooch is interested/curious. Idk if that makes sense I'm bad with words XD
@DraculinaMarcelle: I mean that's more or less what Sooch is trying to say. It's hard for me to articulate my characters' thoughts gracefully lol
So just to be clear Sooch isn't just doing this because he missed Howie or because he was desperate to make Howie stay with him. Sooch was just moved bc Howie was consistently very good to him.
@Shy-Ghostwriter: hahahahaha ily, great comment. I laughed out loud when you wrote "and Ben wouldn't fucking go to sleep"
A little hard to invest in something when your confidence is completely shot.

Also just wanted to announce that patrons are now 6 pages ahead of everyone else!

*I fixed the typo... I say "could of" all the time bc I guess I just don't know how to speak lol
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