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The comic is on hiatus until more pages can be drawn :P
May redraw the pages already posted(the ones with blue line-art) so they're easier on the eyes.
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I never understood why people thought SKIN was an effective material for a condom, what with the pores and all :P
I don't think he would have too much to worry, his pokemon is without a pokeball, right?
I cry thinking I'll never be this good ;A;
I'm really loving this comic, can't wait for the next update!
duuuuuuude. LoveloveLOVE this so much, but what's really bugging me, reaaaaaallly bugging me is the inconsistency of the bite mark >.<
The part of the bite from Tommy's left side teeth is in the wrong place in one of the last two panels. >.<
Other than that, I could just squeal over how adorable you made Dake in this XD
I loveloveloveeeee Tommy's sadface XD
I never got to vote last time 'cause chrome was an ass and wouldn't let me get onto the site ene
Ah well, I wonder what Tommy's 'whoa'ing about. I suppose we'll find out next time? ;A;
That face. In the last panel? WANT.
It doesn't suck crap, it looks pretty good :3
Wow, I'm really loving this, hope ya'll love it too!
*points at the pokeball Aries has* Why is it orange? =3=
Oh! I have a co-comic author, she's doing the colouring for me so expect the next page to be in colour :3
Also, after the next two pages, production may be halted, depending on if I have carpal tunnel in both wrists or if they just need a break >.<
My virus protection won't let me on bulbapedia, so could you please tell me who dude is?
And we've reached a mini milestone of TEN Pages.
Yep, it's in color, not FULL color, mind, you, but pretty damn close.
I pulled an all nighter *literally* to get this done, and even then I just finished coloring it, like, ten minutes ago.
I was pushing myself to get this done on time for my usual upload, then I remembered I already had a page ready to post, page 9, so by the time this page posts, it'll be five days later, so.... yeah :P
And here's a page I found hiding in one of my folders. Haven't worked on anything else though :P
I'll try and get some more done, but with exams, no promises :P
Please ignore the blue-smoke. It was my lame remedy to lotsa empty space, since I neglected to draw backgrounds for many of these comics. I swear, I'll try to draw backgrounds... someday ^^;
Panel 2 has got to be my fave on this page, totally, and completely, ignoring that sad excuse for a hand.
We'sa servin' roasted rattata fer dinnah t'night!

Okay. I'll stop now. *crawls back to rock-house*
Yeeeup. And guess what my first encounter for route 2 was =A=

Oh, and as this is a sad page, I still like the way I drew Topi in the last panel. I almost got the perspective right :D

Oh, and by the way, finals for the next two and a half weeks. Fun. Also means I might have not as much time to draw (or more, depends on if I take the time to study or not :P)
Does she catch it, or does Aries kill it? Find out in one business week!
Oh, and I've started playing the old pokemon games via emulator. Green kills me with the bad translation. XDD
To the two fans I have, and any future fans. This comic is updated every five days, at 5PM EST.
Also, that pidgey is sounding an alarm to all other pidgeys in the area. A pidgey killer is on the loose XD
I have no life outside of home and school, I know.

Oh, and I fail at perspective, thought ya'll should know that.