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Hey, I'm 2021. I'm a sprite comic creator and also a fan of many others. I'm a gamer, and I play alot of online games. My favorite series are probably Sonic, Resident Evil, and Megaman.

I'm generally a nice guy, and I'm usually always willing to lend a hand. I've been a part of the SJ community since 2006. I've been around for a long time, you young whippersnappers.

Oh, and feel free to message or email me! :3
Mega Pain (Updates Weekly.)
Balls of Steel (Updates Whenever)
Maple Fantasy (Planning)
The End of Mobius (To Be Released)

Shin Kerron
Wolflan Darkwolf
Dark Hamsterlord
Xavier the Fox
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    Core Menors [alias]
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All The Way To The Bitter End
Hello viewers, friends, fans, critics, gamers, or whatever title you prefer. I wanted to come back for a moment just to say something since this is the end of a beautiful story.

Back when I met DHK, when he was still running MvSvMM, never did I think we'd form a friendship/partnership to do a comic together. Seven or eight years ago, to me, was a big deal. So when I pitched this idea, and we brainstormed on how it could work, it was magic.

Now, here we are, at the end of the road. Daniel did a wonderful job with keeping the comic alive, and I regret not having a bigger part of it as far as production goes. That's part of growing up I guess.

To DHK, thank for you carrying this dream to the end. Thank for you being a great co-author. Thank for you being an amazing friend.

To the fans, thank you. Without you, this would have never been possible. Mega Pain has been a huge success, and it's because of you.

Until next time.

@cannonfire1: Oh god, what have I done.
@Guest: I was on a very long hiatus. I don't know if I'll be back making comics, haven't had the motivation, to be completely honest.
Core is TRAINed in the art of puns. YUDON't even know.
@qazox: Just kill a turret or two, he'll forgive you.
As Daniel said before, if or when we do this again, there will be a limit and more rules to this Q&A business. Did you know that between Mister T and MecanicalCH there was a total of 18 questions out of 50 that were theirs? That's almost 40%.

Anyways, for Dr. Light's question wasn't a direct answer, here's some knowledge. He doesn't know Core and Daniel went with Mega. How could he?

And Core wasn't dropped on his head, he's just an idiot.
@kirbypuff: Yes. You missed it by four days.
@Sagat the Tiger: That's a tough rule, Sagat.
@Knightkirby: Don't. Just pay more attention to English class. And remember, i before e except after c.
And that last question..
That was very, VERY mean.

EDIT: Stop asking questions, we're not selecting any more.
Some of you...
Need to pay attention in school. Spelling and grammar is important!

Oh, and happy mothers day.

@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: There's a loophole. Mega Man V was created in the 90's, BUT the game takes place in 20xx. Therefore, Gravity Man could very well have used Youtube.
@langston : I did, but since it made no sense, I chose not to follow up with a question as to ask what you were talking about.
To his credit...
Top Gun would of been a better movie if Gyro Man played the lead.

Also, you have 3 more days to ask questions! Since Gyro Man has been introduced, you may now ask him questions. Same goes for Gravity Man, in case you forgot about him.
DHK and myself have decided to do something for the 100th issue. A Q&A. You, the viewers, have two weeks to ask us any question comic related. More info will be posted via news post.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, ask the questions in the news post. al/
Don't worry.
Core's okay...I think.
@Barh: That is up for debate.

EDIT: You do know we don't consider the number of actual pages the legit total number of comics, right? This is only page 93 [despite there being 99 pages in the comic all together]. On the actual 100th issue, we may or may not do something.
Elevators are no fun.