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Penny back for next All Stars!
I wanna see her be another fail villian

LOL Hero vs Villians Penny on the Villian side XD and she stars failing again :P
I am liking this alot already! You have them in the right personalites. Great job!
Nice pick of teams! Uh oh Katie and Sadie are apart... BTW just wondering... how is Katie a jock?
This looks really intresting :).
Nuuuu! Alice was one of my favorites! :(

They should have voted Malik for being a dum idiot.

Alice for ... maybe next all star season or Hero Vs Villans season or a season where you bring old people back.

Now Oheda's allience is in trouble! Unless they find a Idol.
Awesome! Cant wait! How did you make these sprites?
Lol at Cyclo
Top 2 favorites on each tribe:
Yrsa'ka: Alice and Melanie
Jiut'Zsa: Matt and Xero
Anyways Lol at Xero
SWSU you rock!
Also I thionk Oehda and Emilee will last and maybe somehow Melanie Mutinys or something.
Mutiny Heinz!
SWSU your comics are awesome!
Melanie Ally With Alice and Malik and Oheda! QUICK!
Also... SWSU you Rock!
Poor Penny....
Only girl on the tribe :(
Awesome Comics though!
SWSU u rock!
Sorry for my Stupidity :(
Cool someone Mutined!
Wait what if someones on the chopping block and they dont wanna be voted out soo they Muntiny to to tribe who won Immuntiny? Soo they dont get voted out... is there a rule for that?
I was totally expecting Johnny to go. But Shaniqua going is better.
And this is why i like Penny :)!
Cool im in it! I like it, good job! (not only because im in it though).