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Yo! Name's BlackTempo, but you can call me Black.

I like drawing cartoons, but I used to draw anime so I'm having a hard time switching over, and I hope to have many comics here and not crap out on them!
I just noticed that he looks almost exactly like Yuuji from Baka and Test.
July 14th, 2011
Singed in? How do you typo handwriting?
What a twist!
Lol, MentorXStudent? Looks like someone has the hots for Naos already.
Wtf? xD
Why is the blood on his left cheek in the second to last panel? And I can't really make out the second panel.
Okay, now it makes sense.
Is the second panel a reference to Lambo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn?
July 6th, 2011
Oh yeah, I remember this. Don't remember much except Grim Reaper and Slayne's brother and Heaven's Assassin. I don't really read that many BL stories, but I tolerated this one because of the action. Can't wait for the rest. :D
Lol, the way the cut was angled made me think it was his cheek bone and made him look old. xD
You forgot the other E in "Announcement".
You spelled Kung Fooey like "Knug Fooy".
Commercial has 2 "m's".
You spell "believe" like "bielive".

Cake now, please? :D
Rouge because MegaMan had an affair with her!
You have amused me.
Kenny without his hood? THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END!!! O^O
Is that why the crown suddenly appeared on his head?
I'm seriously thinking lice. xD
This guy is the reason you just got another fan. +fav
"...Eyebrows." ¬3¬

"What about eyebrows?"

If anyone knows where that's from, they earn cool points.