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CHRISTIAN; i'm totally and 100% in LOVE with JESUS CHRIST♥
HAHAHAHAH CAT, he didnt even have a proper wedding LOL
Ohhhhh, Cat. This is kinda awks, where is Calli?
who is the guy castalia is all over? LOL i have forgotten so many people
Take it easy, y'all
His behaviour towards Aphrodite has no excuses. That is something he deserves to be punished for. But his attitude towards Athena is something that was embedded into his head because of his mother hiding him, abandoning him. No, he cannot be excused but... he's not as much a piece of shit as Ares, lmfaoo
Itzak is really holding in a lot. He seemed like such a jerk and I always wondered what Pearlie saw in him.
At the same time, Pearlie always seemed like a ditz, and now I'm seeing her in a new light, too. Wonderful story, as per usual
I know pealie, I'd be crying too. THIS IS MY PIRATE BALTHASAR OTP
February 13th, 2018
regardless of if she was right, or if she hates that he's right.
He cheated, and that is still wrong. There are other ways to cope. If he felt like she wouldn't listen, there are other ways to grab her attention.
Yeah, she's being selfish, so is he. They both are. The fell in love young, and yes -jr/sr high love can endure for a lifetime, but they were immature, selfish and had their whole lives built on each other, instead of themselves. this is hurts and it sucks but it is a growing moment.

If she can't forgive him, that's her choice, whatever reason it is for.
OMG THEIR LIPS HAHAH they look like the rick and morty lips LOL
February 13th, 2018
February 13th, 2018
aww, it's nice seeing Sam show care and attraction to Sedine, in like.. that kind of way haha
January 15th, 2018
poor girl, but it's fair. it's fair to be confused. she'll be fine. i just hope she chooses the one who inspires her snd encourages her; not just comfort.
o-oh... oh ... no... HAHAHAH this should be great
December 30th, 2017
yall should listen to @Trinkuh. there's a highschool version, and a real life version.

but also, it's true she should be self-confident, but I think Katsuo helps her with that. He has his past, and clearly he has his own insecurities. I think this comic is great because it's complex. It's not just knight in shining armour swoops in. It's not just cheating boyfriend gets dumped - but is still a douchebag. and especially, it's not just damsel in distress, is perfect.

They're all flawed and it creates atmosphere and depth. Great job Ampora and Tosuto!!
December 24th, 2017
i dont know if i want her with Link or Katsuo anymore :'(
i really like this pearlie. in some of the others - like home for christmas - she seemed like an idiot love struck for Itzak. and I like this Itzak, kinda troll, but still has his redeeming qualities. i love seeing this side of them
December 6th, 2017
Oh gosh, i love this comic. i'd actually forgotten about and just remembered recently, it's getting so much better and the plot and character development is oNNN POINT, good job guys!!
December 4th, 2017
this is literally one of the best drawn kisses ive seen